Sunday, July 21, 2019

New Edition's Top 50 Songs Ranked (Disc Five)

Stop. Check discs one and two and three and four first.

10. Bobby Brown, "Rock Wit’cha" (1988) 8.9/10
Hold up! The girl on the phone is "Janet?" This song's about Janet emmeeffin Jackson!

9. New Edition, "Mr. Telephone Man" (1984) 9.0/10 
Many thought Bobby should be the lead; so did Bobby. And it's all because of this song.

8. New Edition, "Hot 2Nite" (2004) 9.01/10
Over two decades after "Candy Girl," "Hot 2Nite" was nominated for best R&B single. They lost to Usher . . . who was a toddler during their early years.

7. Bobby Brown, "Every Little Step" (1988) 9.05/10
King of stage, Robert Barisford Brown.

6. Bobby Brown, "Roni" (1988) 9.06/10
Thirty years later and we all still want a Roni.

5. New Edition, "Lost in Love" (1984) 9.1/10
As beautiful and pure as music gets.

4. New Edition, "Candy Girl" (1983) 9.5/10
No one imagined in 1983 that this would spawn eight additional acts (composed of NE members) and almost four decades of music. It may be the most important song in the history of R&B and "boy bands."

3. New Edition, "N.E. Heartbreak" (1988) 9.53/10
It's the flyest sh1t ever. Introduced the cameo. Introduced the interlude. Title of their top album obviously alludes to this track. Then, a decade later, Jagged Edge straight up stole it. Everyone got a verse. They showed their entire black behinds in this video, and in the best way possible. But the song is great because it's so vivid. We finally understood life on the road, and under the lights--the pressure. Beware.

2. New Edition, "If It Isn’t Love" (1988) 9.55/10
When people first saw this, they said things like, "they practice?!?!" and "who's that mean guy yelling at my babies?!" It's the song that should have catapulted Ralph into super-stardom. And it's the best song from the best album.

1. New Edition, "Cool it Now" (1984)  9.6/10
Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike--the most famous sequence of names in the history of entertainment. (And now they're touring as RBRM) 


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