Friday, July 19, 2019

New Edition's Top 50 Songs Ranked (Disc Three)

Stop. Check discs one and two first.

30. New Edition, "Leave Me" (2004) 7.9/10
The best albums tell a story--beginning, middle, and ending. NE is the best at that, and "Leave Me" is their second best ending.

29. New Edition, "I’m Still In Love With You" (1996) 7.9/10
When you return, after an eight year hiatus, you have to bring it . . . .

28. Johnny Gill, "This One’s for Me and You" (2016) 8.0/10

27. New Edition, "All on You" (2004) 8.05/10
If there's one thing that the band and the fans get wrong . . . Puff Daddy didn't ruin N.E. Diddy did an unimaginable job of making them relevant in the 2000s, while also keeping the core together. It's a New Edition album, but here, the sound is BBD.

26. New Edition, "Home Again" (1996) 8.1/10
All SIX get a lead. Bobby B sangs. It's another perfect ending.

25. New Edition, "Give Love on Christmas Day" (1985) 8.15/10
Everyone gets a Christmas album, but only a few of them actually matter.

24. Johnny Gill, "My, My, My" (1990) 8.35/10
Think he Luther outchea.

23. New Edition, "You Don’t Have to Worry" (2006) 8.37/10
THIS should have been the lead single.

22. Bobby Brown, "On Our Own" (1989) 8.38/10
Best thing about that terrible movie.

21. New Edition, "Count Me Out" (1985) 8.38/10


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