Look to the Cookie is now the one stop shop for all things progressive pop culture. Writers from all over the country contribute opinions--backed by education, experience, and research--on current events. Germar Derron hosts the eponymous podcast. We cover movies, television, music, news, sports, and politics.

The phrase "look to the cookie" is borrowed from the famous Seinfeld episode. The "cookie" refers to the "black and white" cookie. Jerry claims that we should all look to the cookie for racial harmony. He goes on to say that if you eat it straight down the center, you get a bit of both worlds in each bite. It began as a joke . . . and continues as a joke. But because Germar is black--and we often cover race, gender, and LGBT issues--it serves as a reminder. We've eaten a lot of cookies . . . .

Interested in contributing? Contact Germar at GermarDerron@looktothecookie.org.


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