Friday, July 19, 2019

New Edition's Top 50 Songs Ranked (Disc Two)

Stop. Go check Disc One first.

40. New Edition, "A Little Bit of Love" (1985) 6.95/10

39. New Edition, "Re-Write the Memories" (2004) 6.97/10
Updated, and somehow never outdated.

38. Bobby Brown, "Get Away" (1992) 6.99/10
When you can pull off alluding to your song, in your other song, you are the King of RnB.

37. New Edition, "Is this the End" (1983) 7.0/10
Their most obvious sonic connection to The Jackson Five.

36. New Edition, "That’s Why I Lied" (2004) 7.3/10
The most distinct song in their catalog.

35. Bel Biv Devoe, "Something in Your Eyes" (1993) 7.38/10
The definitive sound of early 90s R&B.

34. Bel Biv Devoe, "When Will I see You Smile Again" (1993) 7.4/10

33. Bobby Brown, "Something in Common" (1992) 7.41/10
Eternally underrated because everything about this is perfect. And if you know the story, and can watch the ending without crying, how are you living with no heart?

32. New Edition, "Popcorn Love" (1983) 7.45/10
Check out them fresh threads!

31. New Edition, "Can You Stand the Rain" (1988) 7.5/10
Your favorite NE song.


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