Friday, July 19, 2019

New Edition's Top 50 Songs Ranked (Disc One)

50. Ralph Tresvant, "Money Can't Buy You Love" (1992) 6.3/10 
His solo career should have been better  . . . or bigger . . . or longer . . . or something.

49. Bell Biv Devoe, "Run" (2016) 6.39/10
This song is less than two years old. They're 50+.

48. New Edition, "Boys to Men" (1988) 6.4/10
Yep, this is where those "Boys" were born. And introducing Johnny Gill.

47. New Edition, "How Do You Like Your Love Served" (1996) 6.45/10
Listen, for this, near the end, "give you all the things you need, you don't have to beg or plead . . ."

46. New Edition, "Jealous Girl" (1983) 6.46/10 
But Diddy did it better.

45. New Edition, "I’m Leaving You Again" (1984) 6.47/10
Yep, Bow Wow's best song is a New Edition classic.

44. New Edition, "Crucial" (1988) 6.5/10
If you were a 16-year-old boy in 1989, this was the hardest R&B song ever. It was the Suge Knight killed Tupac with a diamond and titanium-plated gun that fired platinum bullets of love songs. But seriously, check out my guys dancing!

42. New Edition, "Hit Me Off" (1996) 6.7/10
I'm so confused. So Stefan and Steve were two different people?!? He cloned himself?!?! I thought he just took off his glasses and acted cool . . . .

42. New Edition, "Something About You" (1996) 6.9/10
"country western funk folk meets N.E."

41. Bobby Brown, "Girlfriend" (1986) 6.91/10
They kicked Bobby out and Bobby was like, "aight lemme get dem solo checks den."


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