Saturday, July 20, 2019

New Edition's Top 50 Songs Ranked (Disc Four)

Stop. Check discs one and two and three first.

20. New Edition, "Competition" (1988) 8.39/10
Ok, so maybe it's the best album in the history of R&B--check the chorus.

19. New Edition, "I'm Coming Home" (1988) 8.39/10
1988 must have been one helluva year.

18. New Edition, "One More Day" (1996) 8.4/10
"N.E. harmonize . . . "

17. New Edition, "You're Not My Kind of Girl" (1988) 8.4/10
Here, they're just showing off. Check out the stutter.

16. Ralph Tresvant, "Sensitivity" (1990) 8.41/10
Sexy, sensitive, and sweet.

15. Bobby Brown, "Good Enough" (1992) 8.42/10
You're right. He doesn't get enough credit.

14. Bobby Brown, "Don’t Be Cruel" (1988) 8.43/10
Title track that led one of the best albums ever and isn't close to the album's best track.

13. New Edition, "My Secret" (1984) 8.44/10
One of few R&B groups that earned real respect in rap circles.

12. Bell Biv DeVoe, "Poison" (1990) 8.45/10
The only real banger on the list. And it still bangs.

11. Bobby Brown, "My Prerogative" 8.5/10
You can't be mad at Bobby B. He already told you what he was gonna do. He put it on wax in one of the greatest songs of all time . . . that is somehow only 11th here . . . .


  1. How did Poison and My Perogative not make top 10?


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