Tuesday, April 26, 2022

20 Things to Know About HelloFresh

 by Germar Derron

In my quest to be healthy enough to date grad students until I'm at least 75, I tried six HelloFresh meals. Some were delish. Others were like Del Taco, but not fun and too salty. Below, I've carefully detailed everything you should know about life on HF.

20. Sharpen Your Knives

19. Step One Add Salt, Step Two Add Salt, Step Three Add Salt

18. When it's "spicy," add a bottle of your fav hot sauce. It's still not that spicy.

17. It only takes [double that time].

16. Wash Your Produce; Pat Dry Your Meat

15.  Olive Oil On Everything

14. Fresh Fruit

13. No Garlic

12. A+ ingredients, A+ instructions, B+ meal

11. Sour Cream is the Secret Ingredient to EVERYTHING

10. Step 4 Butter, Step 5 Butter, Step 6 Butter

9. Medium bowl to the small bowl, with your large bowl.

8. First things first, medium rack at 450.

7. Potatoes - EVERY MEAL

6. Who's washing all these dishes?

5. You do have every type of plate, bowl, pan, and measuring tool ever designed right?

4. Watch those veggies cool, while the meat and taters cook. Mmmmmm?

3. The potatoes still aren't done.

2. Slice everything to 1/2" x 1/2" - good luck - don't eat that piece of thumb.

1. White people food.


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