Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Indie Music: "BLAC AMERIKKKA" by J'Moris ft. D. Hewitt, 254 Assassin


by Germar Derron

This one is personal. This one is important. "I'm a Black man before I'm anything."

There always seems to be a concern that social justice-powered content, at a time like this, might not be born of the best intentions. I don't know J'Moris, D. Hewitt, or 254 Assassin, but I vouch for them. Their words are my thoughts and feelings. And likely, those words reflect the thoughts of most of "BLAC AMERIKKKA."

Tracks like this are difficult. They are often difficult to write or perform because of the content. Sometimes they are difficult to hear or listen to, regardless of your personal political leanings. And even the best words, in the worst times, don't necessarily lend themselves to good music. Here, these fellas imparted a necessary message, while also delivering a very listenable track. 

The beat is nice. It's smooth, but rough. It's complex, but not so complex that you can't feel when to bounce and nod in rhythm. And they're actually rhyming. They aren't just preaching a corny contrived message from the world's tiniest soapbox (like that out-of-work celeb you just thought of). The hook is on brand for the song, but just different enough to break it up. It prevents that listener's lull that flows from monotony.   

The gritty black and white video is the perfect partner for the music and message. Flashiness wasn't needed here. The visual style erases that line between the consumer and performer. We're in that field with them, pissed, drinking, smoking, and ready to react.

I don't give ratings anymore, but if I did, "BLAC AMERIKKKA" would get 5 out of 5 stars.

Black. Lives. Matter.


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