Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Indie Music: Zilla With Her Eyes Shut "Whisper Whisper"

by Germar Derron

This is in common time right? And also the common tongue (English)? But it doesn't feel that way. And yet, it also doesn't feel contrived. I need more--a larger sample size.

Supposedly, this fits under the ever-growing "Pop" umbrella (surreal or avant-garde). That argument must lean heavily on the . . . chorus, "whisper, whisper something." But that line--which could be the foundation of a most singable hook--refuses to linger long enough to allow the listener to get comfortable.

This song sounds like the feeling of watching Ari Aster's, Midsommar for the first time. Everyone expects a thing, but then receives another. Then, once you get a feel for this thing, and prepare for the logical right turn, the roller coaster jerks to the left, and suddenly stops upside down and underwater, before falling into a tall glass of quicksand. Was any of it real?

There's an incessant drone that could be a siren, or more aptly a warning. It's reminiscent of our current fascination with all things "dance" (especially the party/club scene). But overall, Zilla should remind you of . . . music--all. the. music.

The classical training is apparent from the first few bars. And beyond the kingdom of music major geekiness, exists a quaint village of strange storytellers, and splatter art. Last and not least, the vocals are sugary, light, and better than you might expect.

I end as I began; I need more. Like you, I'll just have to wait for the full album release on March 13th.


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