Friday, August 11, 2017

Indie Music: My Silent Bravery "Got It Going On"

by Germar Derron

I've listened to every My Silent Bravery track that I could find. "Got It Going On" is not only the best of those tracks, but it's quintessential MSB. It's light and fun. The acoustic guitar carries throughout, and the vocal is clean and pitch-perfect, but not overpowering or overbearing.

I love that "GIGO" is brief. Much of the best of America's soundtrack includes songs that last no more than about three minutes--Classic Motown, The Beach Boys, Queen (because we love them), etc. The best artists know how to get in, make a point, get out, and leave us wanting more. MSB nails that model on "GIGO."

I may never be able to separate the track from the music video. And I adore the boldness of both. This song--that's about how amazing the singer might be--is accompanied by the most "confident" music video I've ever seen. The actors, all scantily clad, exude that confidence. And here, the filmmakers took some serious chances. It could be controversial, but I get it. The chance that they took was worth it. It paid off.

GIGO leads an interesting introduction of an album. This album will be released in parts of three different EPs over the next year. And like all of the best indie artists, MSB already has his foot in the door. The video premiered through The Huffington Post. GIGO is currently charting on the Hot Billboard Singles Chart, right under Estelle and Mick Jagger. And the album is co-written and produced by Jim McGorman (Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne). He's a pro already and demonstrates that on GIGO.


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