Friday, September 30, 2016

Indie Music: Nick de la Hoyde "Thinking Bout You"

by Germar Derron  [EDIT: It's six days later and this song is stuck in my head ssssoooooo . . .]

He's versatile.

"Thinking Bout You," like everything Nick de la Hoyde, is professional. Because he's 22, this track is a throwback. But it's a throwback to . . . maybe twelve years ago. One, that makes everyone over 30 feel old. And B, the track may sound more dated than nostalgic. For de la Hoyde, performing in this style is probably a dream come true. It's what he dreamed of doing at age 10. It's the music he sang and danced to at family gatherings and school functions. It's not the fresh flawlessness of his best "By My Side"--but it's not bad. And "By My Side" sounds similarly dated, or nostalgic. But because that's a six year old sound, it's a sound that still spins on local radio. So, it feels current.

The production may be the problem here. It's not bad. But it is everything. It's future present past, like The Strokes last EP, but all on one song. The genres mix here like ingredients in your favorite crab pot, plus a slice of pizza. R&B, dance, and hip-hop on one song. Okay, so it's a pop song. Yes, de la Hoyde has always been a Top 40 star type of talent, but he's better than bubblegum. Hopefully, this isn't a new direction, just an excursion.

All that said, this is a good song. It's likely the best song of it's type from any indie artist this year. Pieces of the track show off "classic Nick" and why he deserves to be at the awards' shows, and on the red carpets. The mix is well done. And although I don't enjoy pizza with my crab boils, the producer makes it work.

Nick de la Hoyde belongs on a major label roster.


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