Monday, May 2, 2016

Game of Thrones: Home

by Melissa Parkin

Dead fathers, loose dragons, and the undead...oh my!

Bran reenters the pictures as he experiences visions of the past. There, he not only gets to see his brothers (Editor's note: father and uncle?) when they were just boys, but also his Aunt Lyanna and even Hodor…whose actual name is in fact Willis. And he used to talk, you know, more than usual. We don’t get any more insight, but it’s nice to see his storyline return. Meanwhile in King’s Landing, the silent giant in charge of protecting Cersei seems to be taking his job a bit too seriously. When a drunkard parades around town, boasting of Cersei's interest in his "little him," the The Mountain, pulverizes the man’s skull the moment he’s alone.

King Tommen bars his mother from Myrcella’s funeral. Jaimie confronts his son, and Tommen confesses to his cowardice. He’s ashamed to face Cersei, given his inability to stand up for her and his wife when they were both imprisoned. Jaimie assures him that his mother will forgive him, sending him off to make peace with her. Tommen does just that, but once he leaves, the High Sparrow comes to the Sept. He provokes Jaimie, in which the Kingslayer happily obliges with a threat to kill him where he stands. Of all things, the High Sparrow invites it, leaving Jaimie unsettled—particularly by the horde of armed followers that suddenly descends and blockades the chamber. The High Sparrow makes himself inexplicably clear. “We have no names, no family. Every one of us is poor and powerless. And yet together, we can overthrow an empire.” Could he be the puppeteer behind the Harpy perhaps?

Things aren’t looking too good for Daenerys, as the masters of Astapor and Yunkai have retaken their cities, making Meereen Dany’s only lasting accomplishment. Tyrion, Varys, Missandei, and Grey Worm express their concerns over the fate of Daenerys’ dragons, who’ve refused to eat since their mother left. The well versed Lannister informs his fellow councilmen and woman that dragons wither and die in captivity. With this in mind, Varys escorts Tyrion to the catacombs. Dany’s children don’t initially welcome the youngest Lannister. One growls, emitting a small fire bomb in its mouth. Tyrion thankfully manages to talk down the scaly creatures, assuring them he means no harm. He even manages to pet them before removing their shackles. The two dragons recoil back into the darkness, and Tyrion and Varys quickly leave. “Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.”     

The Waif gives Arya her daily beating, but this time the young Stark girl delivers a better fight. Jaqen arrives, tempting Arya with the promise of food, shelter, and restored vision if she gives him her name. “A girl has no name,” she continually answers, and he leads her away.

Up in the north, Theon makes the tough decision to leave Sansa in Brienne’s care and head back home. Sansa assures him that Jon will forgive his crimes, but Theon confesses to not wanting forgiveness. He owns up to every horrible act he committed on her family, saying he would have died to get her to the Wall. The two cry and share a hug before he requests a horse to depart. And the timing may be just perfect, because things aren’t looking so great for the House of Greyjoy. After a disagreement with Yara back in the Iron Islands, Balon storms out of the hall onto a swaying rope bridge where he runs into his presumed-to-be-dead brother, Euron. “You’re in my way,” declares the madman, no sooner pitching Balon off the bridge to his death. Yara, assuming she’ll take her father’s place, swears vengeance on his killer. She’s quickly informed that she’ll have to fight for the title, just like everyone else, if she wishes to rule the Ironborn.

Just in case there was any doubt that Ramsay wasn’t the most despicable character on GOT, we get our assurances tenfold this week alone. Word gets back to Lord Bolton that Sansa escaped the hunters’ clutches. Ramsay suggests they attack Castle Black, where he knows she’ll be heading. His father isn’t the least bit moved by the horrible idea, but the conversation is interrupted when Lord Bolton is informed that Walda has just given birth to a healthy baby boy. Now with a legitimate heir, Roose no longer needs his bastard son. So of course, Ramsay—being Ramsay—gives his father a congratulatory hug…with a dagger. 

He demands the maester inform their allies that Lord Bolton was killed via poison by his enemies. Ramsay continues on his murder spree by summoning Walda. Unaware of her husband’s passing, she brings her newborn to the courtyard to meet with her son-in-law. He directs her to the kennels and locks the door behind them. She asks where Lord Bolton is as Ramsay casually opens several of the dogs’ cages. “I am Lord Bolton,” he replies chillingly. He whistles, commencing the ravenous canines to attack the mother and baby. Ramsay watches the spectacle with indifference as they're ripped apart off-screen among the voracious snarls.  

Say hi to Joffrey 2.0!

Meanwhile, back at Castle Black, Thorne prepares to storm the room holding Davos, his men, and the body of Jon Snow. Just as the door is about to be beaten down, Edd and the Wildlings invade the fort and sentence Thorne and the other traitors to the dungeons. Davos later seeks Melisandre’s council, hoping she possesses the magic to resurrect the late Lord Commander. She professes to have seen a priest perform such an act, but lacks the assurance to do so herself. Davos quickly gives her the verbal kick in the pants she needs to create her own miracles. The men gather as Melisandre performs a ritual over Jon’s body, but to no avail. Defeated, they all eventually leave the room. Ghost quietly sleeps nearby, but suddenly stirs as…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Jon gasps awake!

As the prayer of the Drowned God says, “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.”



  1. That was totally me when Jon came back! :P Loved it!! And now I'm wondering if maybe the high sparrow could be the leader of the harpy. Very interesting theory.


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