Friday, April 24, 2015

Indie Music: Secondborn "Symbols"

by Germar Derron

Symbols exists in an awkward space. Each track plays perfectly. Everything from effects, to drums, guitars, and vocals, the mix and arrangement--the production--all of it is flawless. But after several listens to the entire EP, no song sticks in my head. And as I write this, internally I'm screaming "say love, say love." So maybe I'm wrong. I'm wrong.

Everything about this EP reminds me of that one good 30 Seconds to Mars song, The Kill. That's a compliment because that song is perfect. It's an amazing style of music. It's frantic and diverse without being schizophrenic a la System of a Down. Just when you think you're being lulled to sleep, in the best way, you get kicked in the head--in the best way.  The vocals remain pitch perfect throughout. That shouldn't be something that I note, but I must, because the same cannot be said for most indie projects. Screamo creeps in just enough to provide some edge. But Symbols never feels too emo.

I just completed a 180 while writing this review. I can't really say anything negative about the project. Someone slap these songs onto some video game soundtracks and the world will eventually sing along. Plus, I imagine the live shows play loud, awesomely loud, ear-bleeding loud, like all of the best of the genre. My heart's beating faster, and I'm sweating a little just thinking of the possibilities.

What likely pushes this EP into major label territory is a flawless production and engineering job. I complain about balance, levels, and compression in every review. I can't do that here. Every song rocks hard. Good job gentleman.


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