Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Inbetweeners 2

by Simon Mansell, Writing Intern 

The Inbetweeners--a mega successful British comedy sitcom—had the whole nation bursting out with laughter. It combined childish and relatable antics with a reminiscent high school backdrop. I loved this TV show, but I wasn't a big fan of the first film. It was funny, but on repeat viewings, it simply doesn't hold up. Is the sequel any different?

Once again, the story follows Simon, Will, Neil and Jay, but now on their separate paths—university, Australian celebrity, etc. When Simon and Neil visit Will, at his university, they get a totally “believable” message from Jay about how much he loves Australia (editor’s note: he lives in a mansion, is the continent’s #1 DJ, and has an unlimited supply of sex from thousands of beautiful women). So, they decide to go and visit him.

When they arrive, they realize Jay is lying or delusional or a delusional liar.  Will meets up with an old friend. The entire expanded gang travels the country, while Will attempts to get with the old friend. After the boys realize Jay’s real reason for moving to Australia, they attempt to find his ex-girlfriend who also happens to be in Australia (somewhere). However, their foolish determination will put them in a dangerous predicament that will test them like never before.

The group perform perfectly in their roles once again. They epitomize British social outcast life. Because we all know someone like this, it makes it all that much more relatable. They have great comedic timing and great chemistry; it drives the film throughout. The film also brings back show favourites such as Belinda Stewart-Wilson, David Schaal, Greg Davies and Alex MacQueen. The new additions, Emily Berrington, Freddie Stroma and David Field keep pace with the high standard set in the series.  

The series creators, Damon Beesley and Ian Morris, take over in the director’s chair from Ben Palmer. They are excellent. Of course, this is their creation. They understand these characters like an extension or exaggeration of themselves. They understand how to progress a story arc, with humour. Speaking of the humour, for me, this is one of the funniest films of the year.

Of course, I went into this with preconceived excitement. I love these characters. I was excited to see them back again on the big screen. However, I didn't let that blind me and watched as objectively as possible. Yes, there is some use of toilet humour, which I don’t usually enjoy. But if you know these characters, it works. Also, there is very organic humour throughout. The re-introduction of Jay, near the start of the film, is one of the funniest sequences in a film ever. 

Overall, I give The Inbetweeners 2 an 8/10. It’s a fantastic comedy and a perfect ending to one of England’s greatest comedy franchises. The film’s strength resides in the great cast of characters, and the actor’s brilliant performances. The film isn't perfect. Too much toilet humour. A few characters didn't have much impact overall. However, I strongly recommend this film to any die-hard of the show, or for people who love a good comedy.


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