Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dumb and Dumber To

by Kelsey Barritt, Writing Intern

A brilliantly titled movie, about the adventures of two gentle idiots, surprises audiences by being a pretty decent sequel. Dumb and Dumber To exceeds expectations and provides laughs throughout the entire film. The reunion, of hilariously dim-witted Harry and Lloyd and an audience, is a sweet one. Dumb and Dumber To brings a tremendously goofy humor back to screens that unfortunately seems less and less common these days.

The premise of this movie, just like the first, is outrageous. On a journey for his long-lost daughter, and hopeful kidney donor, Harry (Jeff Daniels) brings his best friend Lloyd (Jim Carrey) along with him. Lloyd’s spacious mind holds some not so innocent intentions, so of course he accompanies his pal. While on this search, they must also deliver a package that is powerful enough to save humanity. Obviously and obliviously, the two well-intended morons run into all kinds of trouble along the way.
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The film isn't flawless. There are lulls. A few jokes may go a bit too far (including a gag-worthy moment with a sexually charged elderly woman “hiding” diamonds). A few pieces don't quite fit (somehow Lloyd manages to get from Colorado to Mexico and back in a matter of minutes), but Dumb and Dumber fans will be ready for that. For the most part, audiences will laugh out loud at the antics of the simple-minded Harry and Lloyd, without giving these missteps much thought.

When Harry and Lloyd come together, even after twenty years, their chemistry shines. They pick up right where they left off, as if the first movie premiered a month before this one. Their knowledge gaps mesh to make some of the best unexpected witty humor. References to the first movie are sprinkled throughout this one, but understanding it does not require seeing the original. The acting, of non-Harry and Lloyd cast members, suffers at times. The story goes over the top time and time again. But this shouldn't shock any Dumb and Dumber fans.

For a sequel, to a “dumb” movie made twenty years ago, it shouldn't be taken too seriously. If audiences remember that going into it, they will thoroughly enjoy their experience. Dumb and Dumber To allows viewers to temporarily escape the complications of life and enjoy the simplicity of Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. And that is all we should ask of it.


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