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Monday, April 23, 2018

We CAN All Get Along

In Episode 406, Germar is BACK and NSFW. Here, after a brief catch-up, and some circular rambling, he explains what we can all do to move forward together. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's show is sponsored by

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sexy Talk with Ryder Doll

In Episode 404, Germar falls for his sexiest and mostest favoritest guest of all time, Ryder Doll (Ryder D if ya nasty). Ryder . . . hmph . . . see Ryder is . . . well, Ryder . . . men pay Ryder to . . .  just listen. This first one's free, and definitely NSFW.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Justin and Jessica

In Episode 403, Germar reviews the new Justin Timberlake album Man of the Woods. Then, he reviews the first four episodes, of the second season, of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's episode is sponsored by

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How Do Y'all Do It?

In Episode 402, whiskey and mic make for one of the best "personal" pods ever. This is a call and response, or a call in, or a call to action. How do YOU do it? Careers, family, friends, faith . . . life. Follow Germar everywhere@GermarDerron. Today's episode is sponsored by

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ramble and CW Superheroes

In Episode 401, Germar covers Black Lightning, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and The Magicians. But first, work revelations, fake vacations, and baby shower surprises. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's show is sponsored by

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Black Panther

In Episode 400, Germar covers one of the most important films in the history of filmmaking. But first, on a lighter note, he details his favorite bad date. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's episode is sponsored by

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rankings: the Marvel Cinematic Universe [UPDATED 2/18/18]

You love lists and Look to the Cookie doesn't do enough of them. So here are the rankings and reasons for the 18 released Marvel Cinematic Universe movies as determined by the entire LTC staff that wears glasses and has dark skin . . . named Germar.

18. Thor  5/10 Thor is the only movie on the list that is absolutely awful. Whenever I hear someone say they liked Thor, I want to punch them in the face very hard. I watched this awful film twice because my ex's sister-in-law convinced the family that it was good. They all hated it. I feel like Thor was the most cartoony or comic-y of the movies. If you liked this movie, you're probably a Thor fan or hardcore comic fan, or you have absolutely terrible taste, or you want to feel my fist.

17.  The Incredible Hulk 6.5/10 This film works on just about every level. It ranked poorly solely because the field is stacked. Bringing in the Abomination for a showstopping city-smashing finale was genius. Seeing hints of the Leader was cool. Edward Norton did what he does; he killed it. Some parts drag, but it's about as good as a live-action Hulk film could be outside of The Avengers.

16. Spider-Man: Homecoming 6.5/10 Maybe I just hit that age where cutesy teen movies lose their charm. If I have, this is a sad sad time for me. Michael Keaton can do no wrong. And Marvel's actually inspired inspiring casting excites me--sexually (so many shades of brown). This version of Spidey is the most realistic, which often means boring. Tobey > Tom > Andrew

15. Doctor Strange 6.5/10 Ok, MCU fans stahp it. Every next film cannot be their best film. This was good film, but mediocre in this collection. They've perfected the genre, and now they can crank them out in perpetuity. But Doctor Strange lacked the team dynamic and history that recent entries contain. And while the movie remained active, it wasn't the action of "Winter Soldier," "Ultron," or "Civil War." Yes, magic, but still. Dormammu ending perfect.

14.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier   6.5/10 Somehow this average flick fooled the world. It wasn't nearly as clever as you think.  It did, however, make Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a much better series. The action, especially between Cap and Bucky dwarfs the other non-ensemble films. This rendition of Falcon fits nicely. The Winter Soldier appeared as he might in my dreams and nightmares. Oddly, I enjoyed it more the second time.  Expectations? Hype?

13.  Ant-Man  6.5/10 I found this film to be the least "Marvel-y," which is fine. Because it wasn't a typical Marvel film, it was American film-making 101 and quite predictable. If you like mediocre movies, you will LOVE this. That said, they did pull this off well.

12.  Iron Man 3  7/10 Ughhhhh. I loved the Mandarin thing, but was this really an Iron Man movie? I appreciated the Mandarin ruse because we weren't ready for the actual Mandarin yet.  I understood the stuff with the kid, but really? There were two iron men that rarely got to suit-up. Annnd the weird fire volcano people . . . . Annnnd Pepper became Iron Man and Fire Lady . . . .  Annnnnnd how did this get ranked so highly? Oh, there were lots of suits fighting at the end--that was cool. Although it was wise of the writers, I never bought RDJ's portrayal of PTSD

11.  Iron Man 2  7/10 No one liked this film, but me; I understand that. But hey, I have a sense of humor. Drunken Iron Man dancing and fighting, stolen suits, HAMMER and weapon malfunctions, the bird, the Widow . . . c'mon!!! 

10.  Thor: Ragnarok 7/10 Comedy is fine, but comedy in every single line of dialogue for an hour straight is weird. This is the first movie EVERRRR where every actor played the role of comic relief. Beyond that, it was somewhat amazing--beautifully shot, amazing performances, and CGI excellence. They get bonus points for a decent villain, an Executioner sighting, and a Planet Hulk nod.

9.  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 7/10 They almost did it again. Odd that this film isn't more connected to the Avengers part of the universe. It was hilarious, but almost not a movie. The typical conflict and tension were non-existent. The twists were predictable in a typical way. The B-villain and story were laughable. But to be fair, how do you follow one of the biggest films of all time--the biggest, universally loved, surprise hit since The Matrix? They almost did it.

8.   Avengers: Age Of Ultron   7/10 Not a good film, but a HUGE film. They attempted to pack too much into one film. Ultron and Spader dominated. Why do Ultron, and later the Vision, exist and how? . . . not that important really. They attempted an attempt at explanations all over this thing. Nothing made sense, but it was a wild and fun ride.
7.  Thor: The Dark World   7.5/10  Yes, I appreciate this film more than most of you, but that's because I get things and stuff. Yes, the bad guy was weak, unimportant, and not memorable, but so what. They took a big cue from The Avengers, and made a film that was fun, funny, action-packed, and included a beginning, middle, and end. I only hated that it was so short.

6. Iron Man   8/10  I never understood why you feel so strongly and positively about this film. I re-watched it. It's solid, and really solidly establishes the entire universe. I had far more fun with 2 and maybe even 3, but this is a far superior film.

5. Captain America: The First Avenger   8/10  Surprise motherf*cker! (that's a Dexter reference) Honestly, I can't even get through this now, but I remember what it meant then. I'm not a Captain America fan. This film made me care about him. They poked fun at him. He was a guy and not an Uncle Sam poster (except for when he clearly was, but that wasn't by choice). Most importantly, my female non-nerd friends thought this film was dope and not just because the Human Torch starred in it.

4. Black Panther 8.4/10 Deep. I have no jokes here. Even though this wasn't the best film or my favorite film, it is by far the most important. Had it been less predictable, with a T'Challa that was cool and mysterious like in Civil War, it's a 10/10.

3. Captain America: Civil War 8.5/10 #TeamIronMan all day! This IS actually "Avengers 3: Civil War," but it doesn't lose points for that. Marvel Studios does an unbelievable job of adding characters, combining worlds, and progressing their universe. It's very well balanced. It loses points (and me) in some of the more verbose scenes. The dialogue wasn't too complex, just too much. The conflict was simple and obvious--show us more of that. Spider-man was flawless. Black Panther was more flawless. 

2.    Guardians of the Galaxy  9/10  People that don't include this in their top two also get punched in the face.  80s references "never go over my head" because "there ain't no thing like me but me" whore. The flick's fairly flawless. 
 1.  The Avengers   10/10  Nailed it. THIS is what I want to feel every time I pay $50 for popcorn, soda, and Raisinets. What can I say that hasn't been said before? The most balanced movie I've ever seen, if you forget that Hawkeye is also sort of an Avenger. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Scooter Braun

In Episode 399, Germar delivers a best-type pod about a best-type pod. Recently, Scooter Braun (10:00) blessed Bill Simmons with a best of all-time pod about Atlanta, basketball, the music industry, fame, fortune, and service. Here, Germar talks about being there, in the shadows--the other side of the Atlanta music scene. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's episode is sponsored by

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Power Rankings: Superhero TV [Updated 2/4/18]

You love lists and Look to the Cookie doesn't do enough of them. So here are the rankings and reasons for the 18 modern comic-based super-powered television series, as determined by the entire LTC staff, which is currently just Germar. The list is updated as seasons conclude and series premiere.

18. Inhumans 5/10 Years of optimism, anxiety, and backtracking resulted in this, universally agreed upon, worst part of the MCU. Scott Buck may be MCU's kryptonite. Please, Marvel, don't let him ruin another series (e.g., Iron Fist). 

17. Iron Fist 5/10 No one likes this show. And no one fears the surfer dude voiced, Ramen noodle haired, prince of privilege no matter how many times he says he beat a dragon or calls himself "immortal." Colleen Wing and Bakuto almost saved this atrocity. And I almost worked at Fox Sports. Cue that Brandy song.

16. Agent Carter 6/10 Yes, I hosted the show about the show, but it always felt like a lukewarm Marvel offering. The pieces fit snugly, and Hayley Atwell shined, but did anyone even watch the second season?

15. Gotham 6.1/10 Gotham will probably be really good once it's all on Netflix, and we all finally decide to watch it. The first season got everything wrong--especially allowing Jada Pinkett to perform like an amateur starring in a Spelman College production of Wicked

14. Arrow 6.5/10 Arrow has quickly become the can miss DCTV CW show of the week. But we keep watching. I look forward to its ending, followed by frequent character cameos on the other shows. It started too fast and left little room to grow. Team Arrow was Justice League lite before we got the Legends, Team Flash, or Supergirl. Pacing.

13. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 6.5/10 Its debut was a meandering mess. But for the fans that stuck around, Agents of Hydra/Agents of Nothing got good fast. And more recently, we've been gifted the best live action Ghostrider, top notch action, intelligent political commentary, and the best possible "what if"-styled virtual world story. 

12. Daredevil 6.5/10 Hallway scenes started here. It's a shame they didn't end here. Foggy is as whack as Charlie Cox's accent. If you're anti-shadowy fight scenes, then Kingpin kept your interest. This series was redeemed by the Punisher's arrival. Ssssooo many ninjas.

11. Legion 6.5/10 Is this a period piece? Style over substance? Maybe, but beautiful still, plus ambitious. It's not a great show yet, but it's better than almost all of the X-men movies.

10. The Gifted 6.6/10 This is the best way to realistically represent, on television, the best team of heroes in the history of comics. No, they're not the X-men. But if the X-men X-isted they'd be a lot more like The Gifted than that awesome Saturday morning cartoon

9. The Punisher 7/10 It's nothing like other shows on this list. They chose to ignore the superhero world setting. It works, but may have worked better as a standalone. Ultimately, it was more predictable than most comic book-based shows because it was a lot like every gritty revenge, PTSD flick we've ever seen.

8. Legends of Tomorrow 7/10 If you don't like this show, you don't like smiles, fun, or good times. Remember when The Avengers was the best thing to happen to the '10s? DC decided to do that with 200th of the budget, but weekly. 

7. Luke Cage 7/10 Cage, one of the strongest characters on the list, started weakly and ended weakly. But that midsection does work. Ummmm. Cottonmouth is the King. And if you're black, this should feel like a moment . . . for us . . . because it is.

6. Supergirl 7.1/10 Every week entertains. Each episode plays out like an updated, less whiny, less soap opera-y version of Smallville. The weird episode where she was "kid" Supergirl was weird. Pro tip: Superman is your problem, not your solution.

5. The Defenders 7.1/10 The first four episodes were the highlight of my year. The Defenders are to the Avengers what the X-men are to the Justice League. They are the heroes we might be, not the gods that save us. They blended four distinct tales better than I imagined possible--style and mythos. To enjoy: 1) ignore the villains' plot; 2) remember that we witnessed an even more annoying Iron Fist earlier this year

4. The Flash 7.1/10 So maybe skip the second season. And maybe they do the same arc each season. But this is the most pleasant series on the list. It's like a '90s Saturday morning cartoon for grown-ups. This is the team that every Millennial would join if given the opportunity. 

3. Jessica Jones 8/10 "She's a boss a$$ bih bih bih bih bih bih bih." Two Js is da realest! She single-handedly saved The Defenders (literally and also from us critics). In her debut, she overcame the #1 true villain in the MCU (twice). She also laid out Luke Cage. And maybe she can fly. Now run that track back (bih bih bih bih bih bih bih).

2. Runaways 8.3/10 At the episode three mark, this show is far better than anything on this list. Performances, cinematography, drama, use of powers, relationships, representation--perfection. The problem with being on top . . . is that long tumble down. How will they handle powers or the discovery of the teens' discovery? How will they handle the budding and realistic romances? And is this really the MCU? Did it need to be?
1. Black Lightning 9/10 It's only the most important show in the history of television in the United States. They deal with everything, better than most shows deal with anything--race, violence, cops, sex, LGBT, relationships, schools . . . and superpowers. "This one's for the streets."

Power Rankings: Current Live Action DC and Marvel Superheroes (Vol. 4) [UPDATED: 2/4/18]

You love lists and Look to the Cookie doesn't do enough of them. This began as a way to highlight all DC and Marvel superheroes that are racial minorities, in current live-action productions (already aired or premiered, character living). We've expanded that list to include all superheroes, in a power rankings' format. 

To determine the rankings of the biggest characters, in these rival companies, we rated them based on: 1) Portrayal (actor's performance, how well written, how well directed); 2) Power (invulnerability trumps gadgets which trumps black belt in taekwondo); Percentage (time on screen, starring roles, production named for character). Each category received a number rating from 0-10. A perfect overall score would equal 30.

Generally, here, a superhero is someone who: 1) does good deeds; and 2) has a superpower, access to gadgets unavailable to the general public, or has fighting skill above that of top real-world martial artists.

Though this list is purposed for entertainment, it is also a microcosm of our current (ongoing) class and racial divide--and the disagreement over that divide. First, of all the characters, women are only about 30% of the list, not 50%. Minorities make up about 33% of this list, which is a perfect representation of our country. But, as the list climbs, it becomes more white and more masculine. Even though people of color exist in optimal numbers, they don't exist in optimal positions. If not for Luke Cage . . . . Well, just read the list. [as of this update, things have improved with Runaways, Inhumans, and Black Lightning]

Oh, and Rocket Raccoon is not a superhero, or a raccoon apparently.

The Bad, The Old, The Blacks, and The Gays

102. Jubilee - Portrayal: 4  Power: 1  Percentage: 2 (7)
The trailers showed promise, but the movie showed her . . . at some point?

101. Wildcat - Portrayal: 7  Power: 2  Percentage: 2 (11)
His story was grounded, just like that ground and pound that likely ended his vigilante career for good.

100. Triton  - Portrayal: 5  Power: 4  Percentage: 3 (12)
So, we were supposed to believe that a fish-man can't swim? OK.
99. Gorgon - Portrayal: 2  Power: 4  Percentage: 7 (13)
Jive-talking strong black man that hits on white ladies. #Progressive.

98. Arsenal Portrayal: 8.5  Power: 3  Percentage: 2 (13.5)
I never bought tiny Abercrombie as a badass, but his flaws made him relatable.

97. Jay Garrick - Portrayal: 4.6  Power: 7.6  Percentage: 3 (15.2) 
The real Garrick is old, carries a gut, and looks a lot like Barry's father. 

96. Katana - Portrayal: 6.7  Power: 5  Percentage: 4 (15.7)

I'm pretty sure she was in Suicide Squad, but I wouldn't bet on it.

95. Medusa Portrayal: 7  Power: 2  Percentage: 6.9 (15.9)
"Her hair is her power." "Cool. Cut it off." "What?" "Cut it off." "It's her only thing." "I see your point. But I don't see your scissors . . . ."

94.  Mr. Terrific - Portrayal: 5  Power: 5  Percentage: 6 (16)
Tall, awkward and out-of-shape, but someone needs to do the tech stuff when Olicity is on the fritz.

93. KarnakPortrayal: 5  Power: 4  Percentage: 7 (16)
He has one job and couldn't do that for the entire season . . . .

92. Nick Fury - Portrayal: 7  Power: 5  Percentage: 4 (16)
Fury was a true superhero . . . until he ran from the Winter Soldier while crying from that one eye.

91. Captain Cold - Portrayal: 7  Power: 5  Percentage: 4 (16)
How does anyyyoone takkke him ssseriouslyyyy when he talkkkks like thattttt?

90. Hawkeye Portrayal: 6.9  Power: 3.5  Percentage: 6  (16.4)
No one cares that he has a family. If he disappeared for half of a film, we'd never notice.

89. Gypsy - Portrayal: 8  Power: 6.5  Percentage: 2 (16.5)
Yes, she's too fine for Cisco.

88. Hawkman Portrayal: 6  Power: 6.5  Percentage: 4 (16.5)


87. The Ray - Portrayal: 7  Power: 7.7  Percentage: 2 (16.7)
Gay Ray.
86. Jesse Quick - Portrayal: 4  Power: 1  Percentage: 2 (16.7)

"We had a thing and it was great. Really, it was, but I have to go to another earth . . . again . . . because I . . . LOOK OVER THERE *zzzoom*."

85. Crystal - Portrayal: 5  Power: 5  Percentage: 6 (17)
"I like have really, really cool powers, but like have you seen my awesome dog?"
84. Heimdall - Portrayal: 7  Power: 8  Percentage: 2 (17)
He's black.

83. War Machine - Portrayal: 7  Power: 7  Percentage: 3 (17)
Reverse Michael Jackson.

82. Wild Dog - Portrayal: 9  Power: 1.5  Percentage: 6.5 (17)
       "I'm angry and I ain't scared of nobody and I'm Latino!" 

80.  Spartan - Portrayal: 8  Power: 1.5  Percentage: 8 (17.5)

"Oliver!" "Family, MAN." "My brother." *shoots gun*

79. White Canary - Portrayal: 6  Power: 3.5  Percentage: 8 (17.5)

"So, now there's a fifth Black Canary? So, like, I never really needed to die. I could have just stayed on the show? Cooooooooooooooooooooooool."

78. Black Bolt Portrayal: 5  Power: 6  Percentage: 6.7 (17.7)
"Careless Whispers"

77. Hogun Portrayal: 6  Power: 6.9  Percentage: 4.9 (17.8)

"We saved my entire realm. Really, that happened. I matter dammit!"

76.  Guardian - Portrayal: 6.5  Power: 6  Percentage: 5.5 (18)
"Soooo I'm not having sex with Supergirl? Y'all just gonna pass me over for the goofy new frat bro whitey. Okay. Okay. Nah. I'm cool."

75. Mon-El Portrayal: 6  Power: 8  Percentage: 4 (18)

"So I get to bang every girl on the show AND Supergirl? Sweet bro."

74.  Falcon - Portrayal: 8  Power: 6  Percentage: 4 (18)
Black on black crime perp.

73.  Colleen Wing - Portrayal: 9  Power: 1  Percentage: 8 (18)
Don't have sex with Danny. You're better than that.

72. Heatwave Portrayal: 7  Power: 4.5  Percentage: 6.5 (18)

grunt. growl. beer. 

71.  Hawkgirl - Portrayal: 6.3  Power: 6.3  Percentage: 5.5 (18.1)
A classic tale: An African princess falls into eternal love with an awkward short white servant. But, she learns to move on and find her very own Prince Charming--an awkward tall white dude with dark hair, reminiscent of a Clark Kent type. They live happily ever after . . . in the 1950s.

70. Gert - Portrayal: 9  Power: 3  Percentage: 6.5 (18.5)
How many people did that dinosaur eat when she left it in the woods?

69. Gamora - Portrayal: 6  Power: 6.5  Percentage: 6.1 (18.6) 
Not She-Hulk, but Star-Lord would "smash."

The Diverse Middle-Class Neighborhood

68. Dinah Drake - Portrayal: 6.3  Power: 6.4  Percentage: 6 (18.7)

And on the fifth attempt, God created Sexy Canary and the church said, "AMEN!"

67. Superman (DCTV) - Portrayal: 8  Power: 9  Percentage: 2 (19)
You got beat by a girl!

66. Rip Hunter - Portrayal: 7  Power: 5  Percentage: 7 (19)
Secretly partnering with Flash to destroy lives since the beginning of this timeline.

65. Cyclops - Portrayal: 5  Power: 7  Percentage: 7 (19)
Is Cyclops III: 1) related to the other Cyclopsis, or 2) related to Havok, or 3) interesting? Choose one.

64. Cyborg Portrayal: 5.5  Power: 7.1  Percentage: 6.5 (19.1)
You have one question. I have the answer. He has no penis.

63. Black Widow - Portrayal: 8.8  Power: 4  Percentage: 6.6 (19.4)
Is she still Russian? And no that is not code for something sexual.

62. Mystique - Portrayal: 7  Power: 5.6  Percentage: 7 (19.6)
Academy Award-winning actor out-acted by a fashion model . . . .

61. Valkyrie - Portrayal: 8.5  Power: 7.3  Percentage: 4 (19.8)
Also black.

60. Speedy - Portrayal: 9  Power: 3.9  Percentage: 7 (19.9)
Still the best thing about this show . . . and my dreams.

59. Ptonomy Wallace - Portrayal: 8  Power: 6.2  Percentage: 5.5 (19.7)
Captain Cool. 

58. Lauren Strucker Portrayal: 6.5  Power: 6  Percentage: 7.5 (20)
Strucker Spice

57. [Commander or Citizen] Steel - Portrayal: 6  Power: 7  Percentage: 7 (20)

Commander Clingy.

56. Mantis - Portrayal: 8.3  Power: 5.9  Percentage: 6  (20.2)

She definitely put me to sleep.

55. Blink Portrayal: 7.9  Power: 6.5  Percentage: 6 (20.4)

54. Thunderbird - Portrayal: 6.5  Power: 7  Percentage: 7 (20.5)

53. Chase - Portrayal: 8.5 Power: 5  Percentage: 7 (20.5)
"still had sex"

52. Jean Grey - Portrayal: 5  Power: 8.9  Percentage: 7 (20.8)

Queen of X-steros.

51. Daredevil - Portrayal: 7  Power: 3.9  Percentage: 10 (20.9)

"Father forgive me for I have sinned. Wait, do you really not have to tell the cops anything?"

50. Storm - Portrayal: 6  Power: 8  Percentage: 7 (21)
More like a natural disaster.
49. Constantine - Portrayal: 7  Power: 7  Percentage: 7  (21)
Dr. Bro, Sexy Sorcerer

48. Green Arrow - Portrayal: 7  Power: 4  Percentage: 10 (21)
"I'm Batman."

47. Firestorm - Portrayal: 7  Power: 7  Percentage: 7 (21)
Eb-o-ny and i-vo-ry live together in per-fect har-mo-ny.

46. Elongated ManPortrayal: 9  Power: 6.1  Percentage: 6 (21.1)
Obviously couldn't afford Plastic Man.

45. Vixen - Portrayal: 8  Power: 6.5  Percentage: 6.7 (21.2)

"I run as fast as a cheetah . . . and there goes Flash, and Kid Flash, and Zoom, and Jay, and Jesse Quick . . . ." "I'm as strong as a bear . . . ."

44. Atom - Portrayal: 6.6 Power: 7.7 Percentage: (21.3)

'Member when you faked your death because you caught girl your girl doing Green Arrow? 'Member that? No, we don't talk about that.

43. Nico Portrayal: 9  Power: 5.5  Percentage: 7 (21.5)
Bi-bi black guy?

42. Drax - Portrayal: 8  Power: 7.5  Percentage: 6 (21.5) 
Strong green person #4.

41. KarolinaPortrayal: 8.5  Power: 6  Percentage: 7.1 (21.6)
We never had a chance. *tears*

40. Agent Coulson - Portrayal: 10  Power: 2.5  Percentage: 9.2 (21.7) 
"Sssssoooo I can't hang with the Avengers anymore huh? Cool. NO, really it's cool. I've been really really busy. But if they need like a tactical strategic mastermind who avoids destroying cities, maybe call Phil."

39. Negasonic Teenage Warhead - Portrayal: 10  Power: 7  Percentage: 5 (22)

*snark* *explosion*

38. Aquaman Portrayal: 6  Power: 7.5  Percentage: 8.5 (22)
"brah" "dood" "cool" 

37. Iron Fist Portrayal: 4.9  Power: 7.1  Percentage: 10 (22)

"I am the Immortal Iro-" SHUT UP ALREADY! "Protector of-" NOTHING. YOU FAILED. YOU PROTECT NOTHING. [insert talented Asian actor here]

36. Syd Barrett Portrayal: 8  Power: 5  Percentage: 9 (22)
You know that when you use your power, everyone looks at you naked first right? Just sayin'.

35. Sif Portrayal: 8.9  Power: 8  Percentage: 5.5 (22.4)

Almost Wonder Woman.

34. EclipsePortrayal: 8.3  Power: 7  Percentage: 7.1 (22.4)
"Yes, my ex is really hot."

33. MollyPortrayal: 9.9  Power: 5.9  Percentage: 6.7 (22.5)
deportation without representation

32. Andy Strucker - Portrayal: 6.7  Power: 8.3  Percentage: 7.5 (22.5)
Revenge of the Nerd

31. Vibe - Portrayal: 8  Power: 6.5  Percentage: 8 (22.5)
Super nerd.

30. Scarlet Witch - Portrayal: 8  Power: 8.7  Percentage: 5.9 (22.6)

Robot f--ker.

Power and Privilege: The Rich and White

29. Punisher - Portrayal: 9  Power: 4  Percentage: 10 (23)

He took Daredevil's city, his show, and his girl.

28. Colossus - Portrayal: 9.6  Power: 8.6  Percentage: 5 (23.2) 

Don't question it. The timeline changed.

27. Martian Manhunter - Portrayal: 7  Power: 9.5  Percentage: 7 (23.5)


26. Groot - Portrayal: 9.5  Power: 8  Percentage: 9 (23.5)
"Actually, I am not Groot. Your primitive aural receptors and meager brains cannot accurately interpret the sound produced by my vocal tri-folds. But I digress . . . often. My name is actually {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}. It's a very common name on my home planet--akin to your Michael or Smith. I AM {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}! That feels good."

25. Hulk - Portrayal: 6.7  Power: 9.3  Percentage: 7.5  (23.5)

"Yes, if I hook up with Black Widow, as Banner and get too excited, she dies. Widow guts everywhere."

24. Ant-Man - Portrayal: 7  Power: 7  Percentage: 9.5 (23.5)

One of these heroes is not like the others.

23. Batman - Portrayal: 9.5  Power: 6.6  Percentage: 7.5 (23.6)

"Invulnerable alien, goddess, super speed, king of the seven seas, alien-enhanced cybernetic . . . . I have an AmEx Black, hmph."

22. Polaris Portrayal: 8.5  Power: 8.3  Percentage: 7.1 (23.9)

21.  Quake - Portrayal: 6.9  Power: 8  Percentage: 9 (23.9)

"So Hawkeye's an Avenger, but I slum it on ABC? Not cool guys."

20.  Black Lightning - Portrayal: 7  Power: 7  Percentage: 10 (24)
One for the streets . . .
19.  Ghost Rider - Portrayal: 9.5  Power: 9  Percentage: 5.5 (24)
"Since I saved the series, do I get like a promotion or something? Awkward, yeah, I know, but pretty sure it wasn't canceled because . . . yeeaahh meeee . . . twice . . . ssooo . . . Netflix? Thanos? What's next?"

18.  Kid Flash - Portrayal: 8  Power: 8  Percentage: 8 (24)
Well, at least they don't call me "boy."

17. Star-Lord - Portrayal: 9  Power: 7  Percentage: 8  (24)

"So my dad cheated on my mom . . . a LOT . . . and then he killed her . . . because he loved her. And I'm just supposed to be okay with this? Yep, nnnoooo issues here."

16. Luke Cage - Portrayal: 5  Power: 9  Percentage: 10 (24)
Cornball Coffee 

15. Flash - (DCEU) - Portrayal: 8  Power: 8  Percentage: 8.5 (24.5)
Now with caffeine.
13. Deadpool - Portrayal: 8.5  Power: 6.9  Percentage: 10 (25.4)
"It's not that Colossus's balls were made of steel. They weren't there! He has no genitalia down there. He's a seven-foot tin Ken doll. And he kicked my ass."

12. Wonder Woman - Portrayal: 6.5  Power: 9.1  Percentage: 10 (25.6)
Wonder Woman, Warrior Princess

11. David Haller - Portrayal: 7  Power: 9  Percentage: 10 (26)
I'm the dude playing the other dude beside the dude that looks like a girl, with another dude inside of him.

10. Flash - Portrayal: 7.5  Power: 8.5  Percentage: 10 (26)
"Hold up guys. Last year the bad guy was our new friend. The year before that, same thing. If we get a new friend this year, let's lock him up immediately in our illegal futuristic prison and save a lot of lives, yeah?"

9.  Jessica Jones - Portrayal: 9  Power: 7  Percentage: 10 (26)
"I don't do lists."

8.  Professor X - Portrayal: 9.5  Power: 8  Percentage: 9 (26.5)
"Mystique isn't my biological sister. Technically, she could be anyone. The mansion gets lonely. I don't see anything wrong with it."

7.  Captain America - Portrayal: 9.9  Power: 6.9  Percentage: 9.8 (26.6)
Next time he holds that shield up and walks through a hail of bullets, one of you shoot his legs. That thing's not a bullseye. You're welcome.

6.  Spider-Man - Portrayal: 8.5  Power: 8.5  Percentage: 10 (27)
Well, you know what they say, "third time's a dud."

5.  Supergirl - Portrayal: 9.5  Power: 8  Percentage: 9 (27.6)
Superman's villains, Superman's allies, Superman's job, Superman appearances, but she's doing things her way.
4.  Thor - Portrayal: 8.8  Power: 9  Percentage: 10 (27.8)
Don't worry dude, this time Loki for sure will not betray you.

3.  Doctor Strange - Portrayal: 9  Power: 9  Percentage: 10 (28) 

3.  Doctor Strange - Portrayal: 9  Power: 9  Percentage: 10 (28) 

3.  Doctor Strange - Portrayal: 9  Power: 9  Percentage: 10 (28) 

2.  Superman (DCEU) - Portrayal: 9  Power: 9.5  Percentage: 9.9 (28.4)
"I never much liked my Earth dad. He was terrible in The Untouchables."

1.  Iron Man - Portrayal: 10  Power: 8.7  Percentage: 10 (28.7)
Tony Stank

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