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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Why is Dating So Hard in 2016???

In Episode 280, Germar asks and answers all of your questions about dating in 2016. Age. Appearance. Adultery. Dogs. Dollars. Feminists. Physique. Fornication.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards POD

In Episode 279, Germar and Jessica deliver the GoT-based BEST. PODCAST. EVER. about the best episode of Game of Thrones so far this season. Bastards, dragons, books, incest, pillaging, and "resistance" is the word that Germar couldn't think of . . . .

Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards recap

by Melissa Parkin

Season six comes to a head, and no one's safe in "Battle of the Bastards." As Slaver’s Bay continues their assault on Meereen, Daenerys plots to kill the Masters, destroy their armies, and annihilate their cities. Tyrion tries to convince her of a less volatile approach, reminding Dany of the Mad King’s scheme to burn King’s Landing to the ground with Wildfire. She heeds his advice and takes a more diplomatic approach by meeting with the Masters outside of the Great Pyramid. She inquires about terms of surrender, in which the Masters demand absolute submission including the death of the dragons locked beneath the city. Dany remains stoic. “We obviously didn't communicate clearly. We're here to discuss your surrender, not mine.” 

The ferocious Drogon suddenly swoops in and lands beside her, and the Mother of Dragons climbs onto his back. The two take flight just as Rhaegal and Viserion break out of the dungeons below. The Sons of Harpy begin massacring innocent civilians in the streets before Daario leads his company into the city, killing them all. From above, Daenerys sics her dragons on the attacking fleets, setting fire to some of the vessels. Grey Worm offers the Masters’ guards the chance to walk away if they do not wish to die, and they happily oblige. Missandei informs the three lone Slave Masters that one of them must die as consequence for their betrayal. The Masters turn on one of their own, claiming him to be lowborn. Grey Worm approaches the man in question with his blade primed, only to kill the other two. The sole survivor is told he can return home on the condition that he inform his people that Dany’s mercy is the only reason he was spared.

Sansa and Jon meet with Ramsay Bolton on the impending battlefield. As cocky as ever, Ramsay thanks Snow for returning his wife to him. He knows his army outnumbers the Starks’ by more than double, offering them the chance to surrender. Jon counters the offer by suggesting they settle this fight the old way, in which Bolton and Snow will face off in hand-to-hand combat. Bolton laughs off the idea, dangling Rickon’s safety as bait by lobbing Shaggydog’s head in front of them. “You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton,” declares Sansa. “Sleep well.” She rides off, leaving Bolton with the final word. He tells Jon that he can’t wait to have her back in his bed, along with letting his starving dogs rip Snow and his men apart.

Later on, Jon, Tormund, and Davos try to develop battlefield strategies, in which Sansa scoffs at their plans. She knows Ramsay better than anyone else, and she knows how much he relishes in playing mind games. He won’t fall victim to any scheme Snow cooks up. Jon asks his half sister how she thinks they could get Rickon back. To his disbelief, she tells him that they won’t. Rickon is the rightful Stark heir over Winterfell, posing a greater threat to Bolton than some bastard and a woman. The two argue, ending with Sansa telling him that she refuses to go back to Ramsay alive. Jon insists that he would never let Ramsay get his hands on her again, but Sansa says that no one can protect anyone. Needing space to clear his head, Davos wanders from the camp, coming upon the remains of the pyre that Stannis burned his daughter on. He kneels down, brushing away some charred remains to find the stag he made for Shireen.

The Greyjoy siblings meet with Daenerys in the Great Pyramid, and Tyrion can’t help but to reflect on the last time he saw Theon. Considering Theon’s formerly arrogant behavior, it comes as no surprise that he was cracking jokes about Tyrion’s height. Yara insists her brother has paid for the cost of his crimes, asking for Dany’s support in exchange for the ships she secured from the Iron Fleet. Daenerys asks why she shouldn’t take Uncle Euron’s offer, as he controls far many more vessels. Yara informs her that his alliance comes at the price of marriage. All Yara wants is independence for the Iron Islands. Dany agrees.

Reflective of the Bolton House banners, flayed bodies blaze across the battlefield as the two sides prepare their forces. Ramsay strolls out ahead of his men, dragging Rickon behind him. He taunts Jon by pulling out a dagger and raising it towards the boy. He suddenly slashes Rickon’s binds, telling him to run to his brother. Suspicious, Rickon slowly walks away, but Ramsay further insists he get a move on as a soldier hands Bolton a bow and arrow. Jon sets out on horseback, racing to reach his brother in time. Bolton lazily shoots off a few arrows, striking the ground around Rickon as he furiously scurries across the field. Just as the boy is within feet of Jon, an arrow slices right through his chest, forcing Jon to watch his brother slowly suffocate to death.

Blinded by rage, Jon charges towards Bolton’s forces, alone. Ramsay issues a strike, resulting in a barrage of arrows that kills Jon’s horse. He’s thrown from the steed, but manages to climb back up to his feet as Bolton’s first wave of men charges right for him. He braces for impact, pulling out his sword, only for his own forces to swallow up the scenery. The two sides clash in a flurry of brutality, eventually resulting in a hill of slain men. Ramsay flanks Jon’s entire army, closing them in on all sides with shields and spears. Picking the men off one by one, Bolton’s forces bear down on them until they’re huddled in with nowhere left to run. 

Smalljon arrives to face off against Jon, but the two get separated amongst the hysteria. Snow finds himself pinned down on the ground as his own men trample over him in an attempt to escape over the piles of bodies. He finally resurfaces, gasping for air as horns sound from a distance. Tormund uses the distraction to his advantage and bites Smalljon’s neck before killing him. The men of Vale descend upon Bolton’s army as Littelfinger and Sansa ride up on top of the hill. As we all suspected, it was in fact Baelish that Sansa sent that raven to. Seeing his army get slaughtered, Ramsay retreats back to Winterfell, but not without Jon, Wun Wun, and Tormund on his heels. 

Ramsay simply orders his men to barricade the front gate, assuming Winterfell’s walls will hold up against Snow’s new forces. Bolton seemed to underestimate Wun Wun’s brute strength, because the giant smashes clean through the barrier. Having taken a volley of arrows, Wun Wun falls to his knees as Jon and his men raid the courtyard. Just as Snow arrives next to Wun Wun, Ramsay finishes off the giant by putting an arrow through his eye. Ramsay says he wishes to revisit Jon’s previous offer of hand-to-hand combat. He starts shooting arrows at Snow, but Jon picks up a shield, absorbing all the hits. Snow charges Ramsay, pummeling him into the ground and pounding his fists into his face as Sansa bears witness. Stark banners are returned to Winterfell, and Jon orders that his half brother’s body be buried in the crypt beside Ned.

Later in the evening, Sansa visits Ramsay, who's now tied up (fittingly) in the kennels. Ramsay says she can’t kill him. He’ll be a part of her now…forever. “Your words will disappear. Your House will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear,” declares Sansa, ever so calmly. Out of the corner of his eye, Ramsay sees his very own hounds creep out of their cages. He’s convinced they won’t attack him, out of devotion. “You haven’t fed them in seven days. You said it yourself.” Just as she predicted, their starvation trumps his loyalty. Ramsay tries ordering the hounds to stand down, but one comes up to him and begins feasting on his blood spattered face, in which the others follow suit. Sansa walks away, a small smile teasing at her lips as the dogs rip him apart. As for everyone else watching at home...

Yep, it's that glorious!

Saturday, June 18, 2016


In Episode 278, Germar comes back for a solo joint . . . .  He finally got back to the movies to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Nah 2 and Now You See Meh 2. But he covers some stuff and talks about his childhood. Plus, there will likely be a cool opening theme.  NYSM talk starts late--around 24:00.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Game of Thrones: No One POD

In Episode 277, even though they sound like they'd rather be elsewhere Germar and Jessica deliver a damn good GoT pod. They are an odd pod duo, but "no one" covers this week's episode better: season one callbacks, theories, speculation, and what it means to be ugly.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Game of Thrones: No One recap

by Melissa Parkin

Just as the curtain closes on yet another successful play, Lady Crane heads backstage after the show to find Arya hiding amongst the wardrobe. She's still bleeding from the Waif’s vicious attack. Crane patches her up and even offers young Stark a place in the acting troupe. Arya declines, knowing that no one will ever be safe around her as long as the Waif is hunting her down. The actress gives Arya something to sleep and leaves her to rest. 

Meanwhile, members of the Brotherhood lounge around a campfire until an unwanted visitor strolls into the site. Armed with his trusted ax, the Hound storms the grounds, slaying them all in brutal fashion. He’s unhappy however to learn that not everyone is there. The Hound eventually crosses paths with the leaders of the Brotherhood, Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion, just as they prepare to hang the rest of the men who attacked the Sept. The Hound demands that he be allowed to kill them all. Beric consents, letting him kill two out of the three. 

Qyburn breaks the news to Cersei that the Faith Militant is coming to the Red Keep. No sooner do the members arrive, telling the Queen Regent that the High Septon wishes to see her in the High Sept. If she refuses to come at her own accord, they will take her by force. Cersei chooses the latter, siccing the Mountain on the group. The brute proceeds to rip off one of their heads with nothing but his hands. The Militant falls back in sheer terror, in which Cersei concludes their meeting. “Please tell his High Holiness he’s always welcome to visit.”

Later on, Cersei, Qyburn, and the Moutain enter the Throne Room, learning at the last minute that King Tommen will be making a royal announcement. When the Queen Regent goes to stand by her son, Kevan bars her passage and tells her to stand with the other ladies of the court. Tommen declares that Cersei’s trial will take place later that month. To add insult to injury, the King also announces that he is banning the practice of trial by combat. Of course, this places Cersei at a distinct disadvantage. Qyburn then informs her that a particular inquiry she made to him has turned out to be more than rumor . . . much more.

Brienne of Tarth and Podrick arrive at Riverrun, only to be flanked by Jaimie’s men. Brienne asks to speak with Jaimie--she possesses his sword. The two meet, finding themselves on opposing sides of the fight. Jaimie needs to reclaim Riverrun, if he wishes to return to King’s Landing. Brienne needs the Blackfish and his men for Sansa’s army.  Brienne makes a bargain with Jaimie. If she can convince the Blackfish to surrender, Jaimie will offer safe passage to the entire Tully army in exchange for leaving the castle to him. Before leaving, Brienne tries to give the Oathkeeper sword to Jaimie, but he refuses, saying it belongs to her now. The negotiation with the Blackfish goes south. Brienne sends word to Sansa that she failed.

Varys says his goodbyes to Tyrion before embarking on his voyage back to Westeros. He claims they need friends in Westeros along with ships, but Tyrion says they need Daenerys more.  Left now only in the company of Missandei and Grey Worm, Tyrion attempts to break the ice with them over a toast. Though bumpy at first, the trio eventually lighten up, until sirens wail from the city.  The Masters have arrived with their fleets, preparing to attack in order to reclaim their property. Meereen quickly finds itself engulfed in flames as the Masters bombard the city.  Inside the pyramid, Grey Worm and Tyrion try to determine the next course of action when the roof quakes. Daenerys literally flies in on her dragon, bursting into the room to take command.  

Jaimie Lannister visits Edmure Tully, apologizing for the foul treatment bestowed upon him as his prisoner. He schmoozes him into getting Blackfish to surrender, but Edmure doesn’t fall for his flattery or promises. Instead, he asks Jaimie how he can sleep at night, given all the terrible things he’s done. Jaimie tells him that he admired Catelyn Stark for the devotion she had for her children. That same love is what drives Jaimie to do what he must in order to return to Cersei. Lannister threatens to kill Edmure's baby son by slinging him over the wall in a catapult if Edmure fails to convince his uncle to surrender.

Edmure returns to the front gate of Riverrun and demands entry.  The Blackfish tries to stop the Tully army from obeying the order, but a soldier informs him that they must. As the rightful Lord of Riverrun, Edmure’s demands must be upheld.  After entering, Edmure immediately tells the Tully army to surrender, allowing Jaimie to take the castle without bloodshed. Lannister orders his forces to bring the Blackfish to him, but he’s informed that the Blackfish died fighting, after helping Brienne and Pod escape. Jaimie looks out onto the river, seeing the small boat floating away from the castle. He waves to Brienne, who returns the gesture.

Arya wakes up the next morning, only to find Lady Crane murdered. The Waif stands right in front of her.  Arya barely manages to escape the house, with the Waif right on her heels.  After a chase through the city, Arya leads the Waif down an alleyway where she uncovers Needle from her trusted hiding place. The Waif laughs at the effort just before Arya slices the only candle illuminating the small room, cutting the screen to black.

Jaqen walks through the House of Black and White, coming across a trail of blood spatter.  He follows the path, discovering the Waif's face hanging on the wall. Arya appears behind him, pressing the tip of Needle to his chest as he turns to confront her. “You told her to kill me.” He doesn’t deny it. Jaqen tells Arya that, “finally a girl is no one,” in which she says, “a girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.”  Jaqen gives but a small smile and nods as Arya leaves with her head held high.

Okay, let’s call it like it is: Meereen is essentially Benadryl for its viewers. The subplot is proving to be the weakest link in the series thus far. It lacks the political intrigue of King’s Landing and has none of the dangers seen in the North. The Harpy showed us some promise that we might finally see a little action, but that seemed to fizzle out. Now, we have the Masters, which would be great…if we actually got to see them. They storm into the harbor, and what kind of nitty-gritty action are we gifted with? A very, very distant view of catapults hitting the pyramid. Yippee…

Plus, the story is wasting its greatest assets. If Tyrion isn’t your favorite—or at least in your Top Three list--what’s wrong with you? Considering he’s a fan favorite, it makes it all the more painful to see him going to waste in Meereen. Tyrion lured us in with his silver tongue, intellect, and wit. Now, we have to watch him painfully trying to liven up a room full of dullards.

Can we please wrap things up in Meereen and just storm Westeros already?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Game of Thrones: The Broken Man POD

In Episode 276, Germar tries really hard to be nice to Jessica (who has ANOTHER movie coming out soon). He mostly succeeds, and it's a much shorter episode. But the GoT talk here is on point. This week, in never ending awful audio issues, we recorded on much better software, which ultimately failed. Fortunately, you can "enjoy" the awful backup version. (and someone said "two recorders, why would you ever need TWO recorders")

Monday, June 6, 2016

How Young Is Too Young? Dating Q&A

Welcome Cecily Jamelia to the LTC family! Cecily's vlog will be posted here and she and Germar may be teaming up for some awesome content. Below you can see her current video and if Germar has a response it'll be here.

Indie Music: revisiting bitter's kiss

by Germar Derron

One year later and I'm shocked that Chloe Baker is still "indie." Wisely, the EP is re-titled "Love Won't Make You Cry." It's the song on a project filled with radio ready singles. It's the rare track that you love instantly. You connect and understand and feel. And it's not just lyrics or the message. The melody, production, and arrangement sound like some sort of musical deja vu.

Love Won't Make You Cry reminds me of Jewel's major debut, but more relatable, less melancholy, and with better arrangements and production. Plus, Baker's vocals are equally, but differently, distinct. This sound comes [back] at a time when we need it. It's a break from the "harder, louder, faster" present in most of today's popular music. And somehow it fits with that music. I can easily imagine how LWMYC will sound once DJs, producers, and remixers get a hold of it. It fits.

"No One Will," like "Love Won't Make You Cry," is instantly familiar, digestible, comforting . . . .  I am hesitant, but close to calling this perfection. If this is a genre you love, there's no reason not to love this EP. And Baker's simply sang complex vocal shines on, and drives, each track.

The vocal is dream-like, and in the best sense. It haunts and sticks with you all day. It's hazy, like the best chemical highs. It's thin because you imagine in ten years it'll be thicker and warmer. But it already has that timbre that makes it rich and warm. It's a technique that singers might work on for years with the best vocal coaches and never master, but feels natural here. It gives her voice a quality that is not native--accented, while clearly being a native English speaker. The music is always foreign, while also being sang by the girl next door.

Previously, I wrote: "it all sounds the same." I was wrong. She sounds the same, and that's a good thing.

I liked it before. I like it now even more.

Game of Thrones: The Broken Man recap

by Melissa Parkin

Guess who’s baaaaaack?

Only in Westeros can the dead come back to life and have the show kill off an anticipated newcomer all in one shot. In a rare turn, GoT doesn’t immediately roll its opening credits following its weekly recap. Laboring in the open fields, men construct a wooden structure as women prepare food. Lead by Septon Ray (Ian McShane), a group of workers arrives on the site bearing large logs. The camera settles on one particular man’s back just before he turns around. It’s the Hound.

Sandor Clegan is hardly surprised that the other men are afraid of him, but Septon Ray seems unmoved by his menacing stature. He comes to speak with the burnt brute as the Hound vigorously chops wood, recounting the day he found him within an inch of his life. When Ray asks him what kept him going, the Hound declares it was hate. The Septon, however, sees things differently, believing the Gods have a greater purpose for him. The Hound asks why these so-called Gods haven’t punished him? Ray simply replies, “They have.”

Queen Margaery is found reading the Book of the Mother when the High Sparrow seeks her out. Though impressed by Margaery’s great progress, the Sparrow says he still fears for her grandmother. He declares Lady Olenna to be an unrepentant sinner and expresses his fear for her, both spiritually and physically.

Margaery goes to see the Queen of Thorns with the Septa shadowing her every move. Olenna is far from pleased by her granddaughter’s apparent brainwashing, threatening to bash the prudish Septa’s head in if she doesn’t leave the room. Margaery insists on her presence, assuring Olenna that the High Sparrow will set Loras free…but only on the condition that he repent his sins and forsake his name and title. Lady Olenna becomes furious at the proposition, but Margaery discretely slips something into her hand when the Septa isn't looking, begging Olenna to leave King’s Landing. Olenna, now wise to her granddaughter’s game, agrees to the terms. Once she finds herself alone, Olenna unrolls the crumpled paper Margaery slipped into her hand. Inside rests a drawing of a rose, the sigil of the House of Tyrell.

Jon and Sansa struggle to find Northern support in their quest to take back Winterfell. Tormund convinces the Wildlings to join the fight, but the Houses aren’t so easily persuaded. Davos goes with the siblings as they meet with 10-year-old Lyanna Mormont. The meeting goes south quite quickly when the pint-sized Lady of the Bear Island expresses her disinterest in small talk. Lyanna cuts to the point and asks Snow and Stark why her House should sacrifice one more Mormont life for someone else’s war. Davos comes to their aid by declaring this war to be everyone’s, as it will soon wage between the living and the dead. If the North remains divided, it will most certainly fall. Lyanna consents, pledging the Bear Island to the Starks, and offers 62 men to fight alongside them.

Their luck however doesn’t improve when the Glovers turn them down. Not only is Glover disgusted by the fact that the Wildlings make up a majority of Jon’s army, it was also the Boltons who helped the Glovers reclaim their castle from the Ironborn. Sansa reminds the Lord that he is sworn to the Starks, in which Glover angrily replies that the “House of Stark is dead.” Jon, Sansa, and Davos return to their ragtag army, currently camped in the mountains. As they look upon the abysmal number of men, Sansa says they need more support. Jon tells her that there isn’t any more time. They need to fight with the men they have. After sunset, Sansa signs a letter, stamping it with the House Stark’s sigil before sending it off with a raven. If she’s calling upon Littlefinger, I swear to God….

Jaime Lannister and Bronn arrive in Riverrun with an army trailing behind them. Approaching the front lines of a rather pathetic siege, they find the Freys threatening to kill Edmure Tully if the Blackfish doesn’t surrender. Standing on the castle wall above, the Blackfish calls them on their bluff and walks away with not so much as a glance. Jaime confronts the men leading the siege, informing them that he will be taking over from here on out.  His first command: to have Edmure bathed and fed. Jaime then sends out word to the Blackfish, wishing to parlay. He meets the man at Riverrun’s drawbridge, offering him a chance to surrender and therefore spare his men that will certainly die otherwise. The Blackfish shuts him down by simply pointing out that “bargaining with oathbreakers is like building on quicksand.”

Meanwhile, Arya books passage to Westeros. Giving the captain more than fair compensation, she informs him that they will be leaving Braavos at dawn. Happy and hopeful to be returning home, she takes a moment to look out at the magnificent Titan of Braavos statue in the distance. An old woman walks up behind Arya, and suddenly stabs her repeatedly. The crone tears off her face to reveal she is in fact the Waif. Arya manages to break free from her clutches and throws herself off the bridge into the water below. Not until the Waif leaves does Arya resurface. She stumbles through the streets, wet, alone, and bleeding out.

Septon Ray recalls the shame he felt during his days as a soldier. He spreads his words of wisdom to the other members of the camp, declaring it’s never too late to find redemption. Just as he concludes his speech, three men ride up on horseback to the group. The men claim to be protecting the people, asking for horses and food. Ray offers them a place at their dinner table, but the men turn to leave. The Hound warns the Septon that the riders were from the Brotherhood. He then leaves to continue chopping wood offsite.  Later on, the Hound hears noises in the distance and runs back to the camp to find the entire group murdered and Septon Ray hung by the neck. Sandor pries an axe out of a block of wood and walks away. Better watch out, Brotherhood...

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