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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Types of Girls You'll Meet Before Finding the One

Another response video from Germar Derron!!! This is a response to Germar's FAV YouTube vlogging star Cecily Jamelia TV.  Obviously, he's being funny and this is specific to him, but maybe it applies to you too--if you're lucky.

Friday, May 27, 2016

X-men: Apocalypse

In Episode 274, Germar Germars about the latest in the X-men movie trilogy (trilogies). There are NO SPOILERS, until there are--and he warns you (they're mostly at the end and very light).

The Mandela Effect is Legit and Explains Everything

Germar's back! (to the vlog) I'm finally covering the Mandela Effect (our multiverse and alternate realities), which is real btw. But he's talking about it a little differently than just movie quotes and Saturday morning cartoons.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Game of Thrones: The Door POD

In Episode 273, Germar and Jessica do an ok job of covering the latest GoT. But the real story here is how Skype arbitrarily killed Germar's mic and he spent all day compressing, limiting, EQing, and noise reducing . . . apologies. But FIRST, Jessica's only fan Chad calls in, Jessica negotiates payment, and Germar hates notifications.

Game of Thrones: The Door

by Melissa Parkin

Grab some tissues and cover your eyes, because all of your tears and fears hit hard in “The Door.”

Sansa receives a message from Littlefinger who requests to meet with her. As per usual, he comes to her armed with an elegant speech, but she’s now smart to his trickery. When he tries to convince her that he means well, Sansa tells him that he’s either an idiot or her enemy for handing her over to Ramsay. She then threatens to have Brienne cut him down on sight, but decides to send him back off to Vale. He just so happens to give her one last parting gift, informing her that her uncle, Brendan Stark, has retaken Riverrun with strengthened forces. When Sansa returns to the Wall, Jon, Edd, Davos, Melisandre, and Brienne discuss possible strategies. With the North’s loyalty to the Stark name, Sansa believes that she and Jon can gain the allegiances of smaller houses. She mentions Brendan’s recent victory in Riverrun, but lies about how she received the intel.

At the Kingsmoot ceremony, Yara makes her pledge for Queen of the Iron Islands. The crowd shows initial skepticism, as Theon—being Balon’s remaining male heir—seems like the obvious choice for the throne. Theon addresses the issue, rallying the men together in Yara’s favor by declaring his sister to be the “rightful ruler.” Just when everything seems all fine and dandy, dear old Uncle Euron Greyjoy crashes the festivities and claims he’s the man for the job. Yara, wise to his ways, accuses him of murdering her father. Euron proves to be an honest man, albeit a bit loony, because he outright admits to it. He sells the men on the notion that he’ll build up the Iron Fleet and join forces with Daenerys to reclaim the Seven Kingdoms. Once the crowd starts chanting his name, Yara and Theon know they’ve lost their claim. As their uncle undergoes the baptism ritual, the siblings gather their loyal followers and commandeer the Iron Islands' best ships and set sail. Good thing too, because as all good GOT uncles do, Euron wishes to murder them. So…
Meanwhile, during the ongoing training sessions, The Waif declares to Arya that, “You’ll never be one of us, Lady Stark.” Jaqen agrees, as none of the previous Faceless Men came from royal blood. He tasks Arya with the mission to poison Lady Crane, an actress of a traveling comedic troupe. She goes to see one of her performances, laughing at the play that’s mocking the Lannister family. The amusement dies however when they make light of Ned Stark’s beheading. Arya goes backstage to observe the actress playing Cersei, noting she is the only one of the troupe who likes rum. She returns to Jaquen, informing him of the plan to poison her drink. Her curiosity gets the better of her, as she inquires to know who wishes Crane dead. “A servant does not ask questions,” declares Jaquen.

Daenerys is at a loss of what to do with Jorah, as he has yet again saved her life. “I can't take you back, and I can't send you away.” “You must send me away,” he informs her, revealing his infected arm. Dany’s hardened exterior immediately vanishes, as she tearily apologizes. He won’t have it, as all he’s ever wanted to do was serve her. “Tyrion Lannister was right… I love you. I’ll always love you.” He bids Dany goodbye, but she refuses to let him go. “I command you to heal yourself and then return to me,” she cries. “When I take the Seven Kingdoms, I need you by my side.”
In another vision, Bran witnesses the first White Walker being made by the Children of the Forest—who now in fact reside with the Three-Eyed Raven. Unable to resist his curiosity, Bran enters into another vision while the Raven sleeps. He finds himself standing before a frozen weirwood tree. Turning around, Bran then sees an entire army of Wights right in the clearing. They remain unaware of his presence as he weasels his way through the crowd, but he quickly realizes something’s wrong when he approaches the Night’s King. The White Walker looks right at him, and Bran sees that all the reanimated corpses have now noticed him. Frightened, he whirls around, suddenly finding the Night’s King standing directly in front of him. 
The Walker snatches his arm, and Bran wakes up screaming. The Raven informs him that the Night’s King has marked him, allowing him to enter the Cave. “The time has come for you to become me.” The White Walkers now know where Bran is, making it only a matter of time before the army of the dead comes to kill him. Meera notices her breath fog and runs to the entrance of the Cave to see the Night’s King and his fellow soldiers approaching. The Children of the Forest do their best to fend off the army as Meera tries to get Bran to warg into Hodor, but he can't since he's trapped in a vision with the Raven.

Bran returns to the past with a young Hodor at Winterfell, but Meera’s desperate cries bellow into the vision. He manages to warg into Hodor and carries his body through the back tunnels with Meera on their heels. The Night’s King invades the Cave, killing the Raven as his army pursues Bran. Just as they manage to get outside, the Dead race after them, hitting the door that Hodor barely manages to hold close. Meera drags Bran’s body away, begging for Hodor to “hold the door,” as he’s the only thing stopping them from getting to Stark. 
Bran watches in the past as Meera’s words echo in the air. The young Hodor stares at Bran and suddenly collapses on the ground, in what looks like a seizure. He starts crying out, “Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold the door, hold the door, hold the door! Ho…dor! Ho…dor!” The Wights manage to break through sections of the door and rip into Hodor bit by bit as he keeps guard, watching Meera and Bran disappear into the wintery storm ahead.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger POD

In Episode 272, Germar and Jessica bring you a late edition of the Game of Thrones' podcast with the sexiest hosts. Even if you hate GoT listen to the intro and try to decipher Jessica's dragon geek talk. Then, stay until the end to hear Jessica complain about the men of GoT not having enough "sausage," and why it's a problem. Don't worry guys, Germar has your back--it's not your fault. But first, Germar explains that the podcast is late because us Hollywood nobodies work a lot for no pay--it's not what you think.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger

by Melissa Parkin

Just as Jon prepares to leave the Wall, visitors arrive at the gate. With Brienne and Podrick at her sides, Sansa rides into Castle Black. Snow and his half-sister stare at one another in silence before they run straight into an embrace. Despite their strained relationship in the past, the two share some much needed laughter later in the evening. Sansa even asks Jon to forgive her for being so “awful” when they were little. Of all the doom and gloom, the two sullenest characters of GoT give us the most lighthearted moment so far in season six. Not sure what that says, but it’s a point worth mentioning. Things take a darker turn when Sansa asserts that they must return to Winterfell and reclaim their home, killing the Boltons in the process. A weary Snow refuses, as he’s tired of fighting. Sansa, in her strongest moment to date, proclaims, “I want you to help me, but I’ll do it myself if I have to.”

Petyr Baelish arrives in the Vale of Arryn, and to no one’s shock, he manipulates his nephew into sending men out to aid Sansa. Back at the Wall, Brienne finds herself as the object of Torumund's affections over dinner when a letter arrives, addressed to Jon from Ramsay. Bolton makes it clear that he wants Sansa back, threating to kill Rickon and storm the Wall as consequence if he fails to agree. Sansa reminds Jon that he’s the last true Warden of the North. Taking this and Rickon’s life into account, Jon finally relents. Seems we’re heading to Winterfell.

Queen Margaery is brought to the High Sparrow. He divulges his moment of enlightenment to the woman before taking her to see her brother. Clearly broken by his imprisonment, Loras weeps in her presence. Margaery wastes no time setting him straight. “If either of us gives in to what they want, then they win.” Meanwhile, her husband warns Cersei not to further antagonize the High Sparrow. So of course, Cersei and Jaimie disrupt a small counsel meeting with Margaery’s grandmother and Kevan Lannister. Olenna is quick to put the twins in their place until Cersei informs her that the High Sparrow plans to make Margaery do the Walk of Atonement. Olenna and the Lannisters call a truce for the time being, agreeing to have the Tyrell armies thwart the attempt. Sure, there will be bloodshed, but it’s a cost everyone in the room is willing to make…so long as none of them come in the line of fire. Because, why would they?

The masters of Slaver’s Bay come to Meereen to speak with Daenerys, only to find Tyrion standing in her place. Despite their detestation for him, the masters are wooed by Tyrion’s offer. He proposes that slavery will continue in the bay for the next seven years, giving the masters time to adjust to the new laws. In return, they will suspend their support for the Sons of Harpy. Grey Worm and Missandei are far from pleased with the tender, knowing the masters view the trio as nothing more than pawns.

Speaking of the Khaleesi, Daario and Jorah arrive in Vaes Dothrak to rescue Daenerys. Knowing that they won’t be able escape the masses of armed men, Dany forms a plan of her own. She goes to meet with the Dothraki leaders, who then debate over what they will do with her. To their surprise, the petite foreigner talks a big game. She declares them all to be incompetent and that she will be the one to rule over the Dothraki. The men laugh at Daenerys . . . until she sets fire to the Dosh Khaleen. They all burn in the blaze, and the Mother of Dragons simply glides out of the building unscathed. The entire city bears witness to the incident, and bows before Daenerys.  

 Can't deny her showmanship.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The DEFINITIVE "Captain America: Civil War" Podcast

In Episode 271, Germar finally traps the top Marvel movie minds in all of Hollywood to record THE BEST MCU PODCAST OF ALL TIME. He is joined by Rich Finley, Hector Navarro, and Anastasia Washington. And of course, you can't talk Civil War without talking about that other film. You're welcome!  #TeamIronMan

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

"Hush" the movie

by Melissa Parkin

Hush follows Maddie (Kate Siegel), a young woman residing in a secluded cabin in the woods. Having lost her hearing and speaking ability at the age of 13 from bacterial meningitis, she is a deaf-mute author struggling to finish her latest novel. Taking a break, Maddie goes to wash some dishes when her friend Sarah (Samantha Sloyan) runs up to her kitchen door, screaming helplessly for Maddie to notice her. Despite the furious pounding on the glass from the outside, Maddie remains completely unaware as a hunting bow pierces Sarah in the back.

A masked man (10 Cloverfield Lane’s John Gallagher Jr.) strolls up to the injured woman and repeatedly stabs her before slitting her throat. Maddie’s obliviousness piques the maniac’s interests, as he even knocks on the door. When the young woman inside doesn’t react, the killer’s fascination with her reaches new heights. Deciding to prolong her inevitable death, he begins playing a series of sadistic games with her. For starters, he steals her cell and sends pictures of Maddie to her computer, making the woman aware of his presence. So, why is this psycho doing this? As Billy Loomis said so perfectly in Scream, “It's a lot scarier when there's no motive.” And that’s where the real chills originate in this Mike Flanagan thriller.

Home invasion films are a dime a dozen, and finding a good one is about as hard as finding a four leaf clover. Sure, we get some gems by way of The Strangers and Panic Room, but they’re far and few amid a pile of stinkers. That’s why it’s hard not to relish in the glory when a solid home invasion thriller comes our way. When compared to thriller classics, Hush isn’t revolutionary. But that doesn’t mean it holds no merit. There’s no pussyfooting around it: 99% of modern horror films are downright terrible. Instead of genuine suspense and legitimate payoff, we get shrill music accompanied by ineffective jump scares.  

Hush offers a breath of fresh air, as Flanagan never resorts to these cheap thrills. No idiotic heroine acting irrationally. No cat jumping out from around the corner in a frightening fashion. Not even a classic villainous monologue. Just unsettling tension in a principally silent 81-minute movie. And that last note is another reason why this film is so effective. Other horror movies blare sinister music to up the ante, yet Hush plays it in reverse. When tensions run highest, the film in fact grows quieter. 

This chamber-piece thriller delivers on the goods in terms of innovation, direction, and acting. No question. Its only downfall: the final act admittedly descends into formulaic thriller territory. With stirring suspense films like The Gift still fresh in our minds, it’s hard not feel a bit deflated by Hush’s conclusion. Don't get me wrong. The film doesn’t fall apart. It just doesn’t match the rousing approach of its opening. Overall, this is a minor gripe for a thriller that works far more often than fails. It may not offer anything new to the genre, but it’s an enjoyably creepy movie worth the runtime. Even more impressive: it was made on a meager $70,000 budget.

Though the film premiered at South by Southwest just two short months ago, Hush was released in April on Netflix, making it available for streaming right now. Go watch it! It will not disappoint.

Rating: A -

Monday, May 9, 2016

Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker POD

In Episode 270, Germar and Jessica discuss Oathbreaker and Home. But first, hear all about Jessica's first date in 11 years and why it caused her to cancel last week's show!?!?!?! And someone FINALLY admits to being a big fat RACIST.

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