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Thursday, January 17, 2019

SHORTIE - Aquaman, Supermen, BlacKkKlansman, Spiderverse, Timeless, and Roswell

It's been a long time and Germar has a lot to say, but not a lot of time today. In 15 minutes or less, he covers: Aquaman, BlacKkKlansmanReign of the Supermen, Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse, Timeless, and Roswell. Follow ya boi everywhere @GermarDerron or else. Today's show is sponsored by

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Best. Thing. Ever. - We Believe: The Best Men Can Be | Gillette (Short Film)

Look to the Cookie is known for original content. But sometimes, some things are so good that we have to share.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

My Top 10 Heartbreaks of 2018 with Humor


In Episode 425, Germar finally does some sort of top 10 countdown to end the year. It's all about "dating." And yes, this time, he's definitely talking about you. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's show is sponsored by


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Man, by The Liturgists Podcast

In Episode 424, Germar drops another BEST PODCAST EVER. He listened to The Liturgists' "Man" podcast and needed to respond. He doesn't disagree. He just hopes to fill in the gaps and maybe make the topic more approachable, or more palatable, for a more conservative audience. Follow Germar everywhere PLEASE @GermarDerron. (yes, he got the title of the podcast wrong over and over and over) Today's show is sponsored by

Monday, December 10, 2018

Black Friends + Supergirl Politics

In Episode 423, Germar finally figures out what's really missing--black people. Later, he catches you up on the awesome political statements of Supergirl, after a quick detour through love-land. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's show is sponsored by

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Indie Music: Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio "It's Time"

by Germar Derron

It's Time does for jazz, what early Kanye did for rap. Take a breath, I'll explain. For all of his issues, and there are many, Kanye brought rap to the masses. It has to be the most popular form of music nationwide, and arguably worldwide (I Googled, it is as of 2017). Kanye made the genre accessible. Listeners could be fans without being "gangstas," but also they could be "gangstas." Fans could be classically trained musicians, beat-boxers, rockstars, or all three. On It's Time, anyone can enjoy the rhythm and feel of jazz without being an intellectual, a musician, or even a music lover. And it's so much more than that.

Overall, Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio provides the best lounge experience--sans smoke (years ago), bad pickup lines, or leaving your home--possible. The album really feels live. Trust me. Most of my life in music is a loop of me in venues mixing jazz combos, for minimum wage. I felt that here. That's hard to do digitally, especially without cheesy applause, and without bringing your recording rig to your live gig. Earlier, I called the project accessible, maybe I meant consumable. No, that doesn't work either. 

"Forever Day by Day" is maybe the best example of what I mean. Clearly, throughout, they are musicians musicians. It's a mature sound. But then here, the chorus kicks in and it transforms into something that is instantly familiar, innately warm and fuzzy. It's a traditional hook in the midst of something more complex and meaningful, and it works.

"10 Miles to Empty" continues what I loved about "Forever Day by Day." It feels light and breezy. Often, talented people take their talent too seriously. In music, that often sounds dark, heavy, technical, and maybe too realistic. But most of us already live complex lives. I like to "feel" cool breezes when I listen to tracks. Here, my ears are super chilly.

Then, immediately on "Dinner for One," the album transitions to the serious. And it's okay. Typically, if I hear keys and a rich lead vocal I tune out. But in this case, it's a nice break from the album's easy breezy opening. Additionally, it's nice storytelling. It's the type of song and subject matter that might have been popular a couple of decades ago. And at the end of the track, they give us what we need--some of that serious musicianship. I could listen to the last minute on repeat for about 30 minutes. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a song or album of just this. "Bartender!"

Ask and ye shall receive. The very next track, "Seven Days" continues the instrumental bliss began on "Dinner for One." And once again I'm at my favorite spot, sipping my favorite drink, even though I'm sitting on my couch with a game on in the background. With no disrespect to rad's vocal, "Seven Days" is the groove that I'll wear down and out.

The amount of genre bending and blending throughout the album displays prowess and versatility. It doesn't seem disconnected or arbitrary. Yes, jazz. Yes, soul. Yes, funk. But more specifically, I'm hearing Michael, Prince, Stevie, and Donnie (not Donny). I like it.

Maybe, some of the credit should go to the mixing engineer. There's an uncommon clarity throughout. I know it's due to a combination of mic placement and selection, EQ, and maybe dynamics processing. But what I feel is a perfect balance. Maybe that's what I like best here. I didn't so much listen or hear--I felt this.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

"wyd," Dating, and Weather Privilege

In Episode 422, Germar rambles through a personal pod about dating, a newly discovered privilege, and the longest short film ever produced wyd. Oh, and he's singing for you; you know who you are. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's show is sponsored by

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Power Rankings: Superhero TV [Updated 11/11/18]

You love lists and Look to the Cookie doesn't do enough of them. So here are the rankings and reasons for the 21 modern comic-based super-powered television series, as determined by the entire LTC staff, which is currently just Germar. The list is updated as seasons conclude and series premiere.

21. Inhumans 5/10 Years of optimism, anxiety, and backtracking resulted in this, universally agreed upon, worst part of the MCU. Scott Buck may be MCU's kryptonite. Please, Marvel, don't let him ruin another series (e.g., Iron Fist). 

20. Agent Carter 6/10 Yes, I hosted the show about the show, but it always felt like a lukewarm Marvel offering. The pieces fit snugly, and Hayley Atwell shined, but did anyone even watch the second season?

19. Iron Fist 6/10 No one likes this show. And no one fears the surfer dude-voiced, Ramen noodle-haired, prince of privilege no matter how many times he says he beat a dragon or calls himself "immortal." Colleen Wing and Bakuto almost saved this atrocity. And I almost worked at Fox Sports. Cue that Brandy song. And then he improved slightly in Defenders and season two of "Cage." And the second season of Iron Fist was almost fire because they decided to focus on all of the amazing women while diminishing the lead. Ultimately, it got the axe anyway.  

18. Gotham 6.1/10 Gotham will probably be really good once it's all on Netflix, and we all finally decide to watch it. The first season got everything wrong--especially allowing Jada Pinkett to perform like an amateur starring in a Spelman College production of Wicked

17. Legion 6.5/10 Is this a period piece? Style over substance? Maybe, but beautiful still, plus ambitious. It's not a great show yet, but it's better than almost all of the X-men movies.

16. Jessica Jones 6/10 Two Js is da realest! She single-handedly saved The Defenders (literally and also from us critics). In her debut, she overcame the #1 true villain in the MCU (twice). She also laid out Luke Cage. And maybe she can fly. And then the second season sucked hard. The former #1 has dropped like the best beat. Somehow this MCU Netflix show is NOT canceled . . . . Things that make you go hmmmm.

15. The Gifted 6.7/10 This is the best way to realistically represent, on television, the best team of heroes in the history of comics. No, they're not the X-men. But if the X-men X-isted they'd be a lot more like The Gifted than that awesome Saturday morning cartoon. It's inconsistent at best, but there's definitely something there. 

14. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 6.7/10 Its debut was a meandering mess. But for the fans that stuck around, Agents of Hydra/Agents of Nothing got good fast. And more recently, we've been gifted the best live action Ghostrider, top notch action, intelligent political commentary, and the best possible "what if"-styled virtual world story. 

13. Arrow 6.7/10 Arrow has quickly become the can miss DCTV CW show of the week. But we keep watching. I look forward to its ending, followed by frequent character cameos on the other shows. It started too fast and left little room to grow. Team Arrow was Justice League lite before we got the Legends, Team Flash, or Supergirl. Pacing. And now they may be taking the street justice a little too far OR maybe just far enough.

12. Legends of Tomorrow 6.8/10 If you don't like this show, you don't like smiles, fun, or good times. Remember when The Avengers was the best thing to happen to the '10s? DC decided to do that with 200th of the budget, but weekly. And now, maybe it's a little too much fun. I'll still ride the wave, but this could fizzle fast. 

11. Cloak & Dagger 6.9/10 I want to love the show, in the way I love its young stars. And I might, if I could stay awake. I think they realize they have superpowers in episode five . . . I think. Who's this show for?--moody-artsy-poetic-horny-virgin 13-year-olds? I'm guessing. They get bonus points for flipping the most common racial stereotypes. And like all of the best things, once it ended, I begged for more. Cloak & Dagger may have something just yet.

10. The Punisher 7/10 It's nothing like other shows on this list. They chose to ignore the superhero world setting. It works, but may have worked better as a standalone. Ultimately, it was more predictable than most comic book-based shows because it was a lot like every gritty revenge, PTSD flick we've ever seen.

9. Krypton 7/10 So far, so good. They did it. They borrowed from the beautiful Man of Steel opening, and made their own Krypton. The black Zods are awesome and their story has stolen the show. Plus, it sets up Zods better than any previous source. Seg-El is that dude.

8. Supergirl 7/1Every week entertains. Each episode plays out like an updated, less whiny, less soap opera-y version of Smallville. The weird episode where she was "kid" Supergirl was weird. Pro tip: Superman is your problem, not your solution. Last season went deep on race, LGBT matters, relationships, and it remained a top comic book-based show. Kudos. I still watch, but the politics may be so on the nose that it's become a distraction.

7. The Defenders 7.1/10 The first four episodes were the highlight of my year. The Defenders are to the Avengers what the X-men are to the Justice League. They are the heroes we might be, not the gods that save us. They blended four distinct tales better than I imagined possible--style and mythos. To enjoy: 1) ignore the villains' plot; 2) remember that we witnessed an even more annoying Iron Fist earlier.

6. The Flash 7.1/10 So maybe skip the second season. And maybe they do the same arc each season. But this is the most pleasant series on the list. It's like a '90s Saturday morning cartoon for grown-ups. This is the team that every Millennial would join if given the opportunity. And I'm in love with little Flash-et junior - sue me.

5. Luke Cage 7.5/10 Cage, one of the strongest characters on the list, started weakly and ended weakly. But that midsection does work. Ummmm. Cottonmouth is the King. And if you're black, this should feel like a moment . . . for us . . . because it is. And in the second season, a strong show got stronger. It's a shame this moment is partially wasted on Mike Colter. Bushmaster saved the series and washed the diamond-backed taste from our mouths. Annnnnnnd it's canceled. A record-breaking black-ass show that did impossible numbers for Netflix is gone.

4. Daredevil 8/10 Hallway scenes started here. It's a shame they didn't end here. Foggy is as whack as Charlie Cox's accent (both improved by season 3). If you are anti-shadowy fight scenes, then Kingpin kept your interest. This series was redeemed by the Punisher's arrival. Ssssooo many ninjas. And then season three was maybe the best thing I've seen "on TV." Yes, Daredevil season three is "Wire," "Sopranos," "Lost," Breaking Bad"-good.

3. Black Lightning 8/10 It's only the most important show in the history of television in the United States. They deal with everything, better than most shows deal with anything--race, violence, cops, sex, LGBT matters, relationships, schools . . . and superpowers. "This one's for the streets." So far season two has not matched season one, but they remain "the people's champ."

2. Runaways 8.3/10 At the episode three mark, this show is far better than anything on this list. Performances, cinematography, drama, use of powers, relationships, representation--perfection. The problem with being on top . . . is that long tumble down. How will they handle powers or the discovery of the teens' discovery? How will they handle the budding and realistic romances? And is this really the MCU? Did it need to be? (3 months later . . . show was dope)

1. Titans 8.5/10 We saw that corny-ass trailer and scoffed. The first episode wasn't much better. But Titans has become my #1 must-see-TV each week. If this dropped Netflix style, I wouldn't have the left the seat. It would've been my first "diaper show." Starting with the Hawk and Dove episode this is the grittiest, most realistic, non-fantastical fantasy show (read: best) of all time. This is not our Teen Titans (coming soon). It's not like the Titans as seen anywhere before. That black Starfire that you hate is one of the best characters on TV this year. DC should stop making movies. They really get television. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Californication and Venom and Me Pt. IV

In Episode 419, Germar finally finishes Californication, and of course he has some thoughts. Plus, he finally got back to a theater to see the "record-smashing," Venom. But first, he's mad at everyone, and deleted 25 minutes from this episode. Find Germar everywhere @GermarDerron. Today's episode is sponsored by

Friday, October 5, 2018

Californication and Me Pt. III Shortie

For the first time in a long time, Germar drops a shortie episode. Here, he wraps up the Californication trilogy and has one more comment on the Predictive Index. Follow Germar everywhere @GermarDerron.

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