Friday, January 28, 2022

Today's Top 53 Big **** Energy "Television" Shows

To make the list, the show must be announced as ongoing or, if ended within the last three years, added to a streaming service since that time. Any of your favorites that did not make this list, either have not been seen by the author, or they are not good enough to make the list.

53. The Morning Show - too unapologetically rapey to trudge through, but there's something there.

52. Harley Quinn - has an audience, but is it for fast-ass kids, or adults that love dick jokes?

51. Big Mouth - Millennials love to hate their teen years.

50. Alone - I can survive the wilderness now for at least like three hours.

49. Happy Endings - he's gay, he's Black and it's still somehow harmless fun.

48. PEN15 - has anyone ever pronounced the title?

47. Sex Education - TV's catching up to the youth of the 00s.

46. DC's Legends of Tomorrow - wtf is this show?

45. Starstruck - chubby and British and complex and unique.

44. Wu Tang: An American Saga - hilarious and hardcore.

43. Young Justice - cartoon characters that age, get married, have kids, demolish planets, and . . . die.

42. Designated Survivor - some Sutherland is the president or something.

41. The Circle - perfect for the pandemic lockdown - live it and watch it.

40. Living with Yourself - did I dream this show?

39. The Flash - is currently taking too long to jump the King Shark.

38. Girls5Eva - I see the show but hear The Spice Girls, don't you?

37. Upload - what an amazing hope for the future of life after death, if you're rich.

36. Schitt's Creek - somehow sexy.

35. Jack Ryan - liberal justice.

34. Working Moms - Canadian, so, you know.

33. Superman & Lois - the best Kryptonian show so far.

32. Station Eleven - the world without COVID vaccines.

31. Good Girls - Christina Hendricks married Shaggy.

30. The Book of Boba Fett - Ming-Na's best.

29. The Good Place - the best place.

28. The Handmaid's Tale - that white lady is crazy.

27. YouIf it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe, I'd been married long time ago. Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from, Cotton-Eye Joe?

26. Homecoming - the best show that no one talked about or watched.

25. Dead to Me - old white lady drama is taking over for the 19 into the 20s.

24. Cobra Kai - has no business being this good. May be the best teen show of all time.

23. Peacemaker - do you really wanna, do you really wanna taste it?


22. Hunters - pro-Semite. 

21.  Messiah - not not pro-Semite.

20. Ozark - Ruthie, Justin Timberlake's best work yet.

19. The Mandalorian - just stole the entire Fett series

18. The Flight Attendant - ummmmm so this is not about a cute flight attendant sexing her way around the world. It's a real show.

17. Teenage Bounty Hunters - Dwayne Wayne grew up to be the least creepy man in TV history.

16. Imposters - so fun, so unique . . . so canceled. 

15. The other two. - mad relatable if you are an old millennial with talent and no money in LA or New York. 

14. The Sex Lives of College Girls - it's like if SATC or Girls was good and relatable.

13. Better Call Saul - Rhea Seehorn talked to me on Twitter and now my account is pregnant.

12. Stranger Things - mustache.

11. The Umbrella Academy - luckily they never watched Back to the Future, so we get a season three.

10.  What If . . . ? - What if Marvel decided to make cartoons like their live-action?

9. Invincible - only show ever where the bad guy beat the snot out of everyone and was pissed about it. Homeboy left and went home.

8. UTOPIA - every show we've ever loved in a blender.

7. Succession - filthy rich white people, is it really like this?

6. Barry - is he the protagonist?

5. Yellowjackets - when do they eat each other? That's why we're watching.

4. StartUp - thanks Crackle, I guess. 

3. GLOW - well, at least he didn't want to have sex with his daughter.

2. The Righteous Gemstones - perfect television.

1. The Boys - the only superhero series that dares to tell the truth about people. 


  1. I would say 19 "lady" shows, so progress. 20 years ago it would have been 5. 30 years ago 1.

  2. 9 POC/Cultural/ethnic offerings - kinda pathetic, but I realize that Lovecraft, The 4400, Insecure, Sketch Show, Watchmen, Last OG, Kim's Convenience, Dope Queens, Nora, Upshaws, et al didn't make the list.


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