Sunday, November 14, 2021

Because I'm Black

Photo by Malcolm Garret from Pexels

In Episode 600, old Germar returns. Yts gonna racism--they're just so good at it. Follow your podgod everywhere @GermarDerron


  1. You might do better to check yourself because you wrecked yourself at your last job, pretty quickly too. It wasn't the color of your skin that decided that fate, you got the job as a black man, right? - it was your behavior, actions, words. I see no superstar here, I see a man convincing himself so as to push the blame to his skin color alone. The truth might be uncomfortable for you, but you should face it head on.

  2. You're a child--you write like one. Your brain hasn't formed yet. It's not an opinion. I have the three degrees I have the honors and awards. I have twenty years if excellence. I was gifted - straight As varsity athlete on and on . . . . Racism and privilege exist. I did nothing wrong. But if you're this bold - post your name or don't post at all. And my last job paid too little, with too many hours.


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