Sunday, May 31, 2020

Racist Rant Left in My Facebook Messages

by Germar Derron

A racist idiot that goes by the name "Feliper Rose," on Facebook, left multiple racist rants in my Messenger voicemail.  He's smarter than he acts though. Once I listened, he began deleting them. So I rushed to get my studio running.  While I ran for mics and soundboards he called, and I would have answered, but I didn't make it back in time. I don't know this man. He added me because we were maybe in a Marvel Comics-based Facebook group together. I could tell he was fairly sexist or a misogynist by his posts. Most recently, he called me a "pussy" because I don't like Mountain Dew.

This is maybe our second or third interaction ever. In the deleted messages, he says basically that "maybe cops would stop killing you niggers if you stopped selling crack on corners."  I also find it odd that he calls me "nigger lover."  He doesn't even get that I'm a "nigger." Go figure.



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