Tuesday, January 14, 2020

My Time With . . . "You"

is You good
to you
you? just did it

I think I like it because it reminds me of Dexter but I'm not into the 2nd season.
I purposely avoided watching and discussing this show because I know . . . you . . . like it. But I thought it was cheesy, obvious, and annoying. It reminded me of Pretty Little Liars because it's absolutely ridiculous and casually smart in a way that a younger person might find intellectual and thought provoking.

So, no podcast. No think-piece. These are my in-the-moment messages to my bestie and some of her responses. Mostly, I used this show like Benadryl. When I couldn't sleep, I pressed play and would doze in minutes. It has it's ups, but overall it's a thumbs down. 
Kayla just said the 2d season is way better
I hate his narration
I hate how white it is

I hate how super "now" it is
how much "this is today's world" can they put into every sentence?
A lot

and they talk about how hot he is and sexy
he's not
he's an awkward nerdy white dude
He's creepy

white people are so . . .


and the girl is annoying

and so basic to be obsessed over [I know that's not how this works; I know the things]
Yeah she is

still not done with pilot - You

Approach it like a comedy or a cheesy thriller where you tell at the characters for being stupid and dumb...makes it better. In my opinion.


yeah I don't do that

I'm just assuming I'll be hooked after 5 epi

but I just finished it

I couldn't even finish Witcher [pilot]

he's definitely no Dexter

Lol no

and the amount of meta is irritating

he's always referencing himself/the show

yeah You is awful I'm mad at the world
think I finally gave up on You

there's something there, but it's a sh1tty show

moved on to Messiah

Oh I thought about watching that

Tell me if you like it

so far so good





last half of Messiah not that interesting and of course we dunno for sure whether or not he's the Messiah
2d season ssssuckksss. wack ass Dexter

weather's been nice here - temp I mean

you didn't watch PLL but this bullsh1t is so PLL

she just said Dexter

you're some brand of Dexter

I called it. I was yelling NANNY CAM B1TCH

the kidnap hotel bullsh1t

wth is this show

it is so PLL

I knew he dosed him too



Look at you yelling at the tv at all the dumb sh1t they do.

ur welcome

I THOUGHT it was a joke but did you see the white house lie about snow?

this ni66a is casually face timing the dude he imprisoned and tortured and talking about his murders

on Al Gore's internet too


joe trapped in a cage sh!t so boring I've decided to finally go to work


not surprised by the Love twist at all

like at all

but I think it's really stupid

this is SO PLL

yo I slept my ass off through some of You

it was only half an episode

but I woke up and it looks like 40 is in jail and Joe is free

Love is a cop

iono what the hell happened in those 20 minutes



oh he's talking to the therapist! I think

I do not remember

yeah I'm watching it now

well it's playing

I do a lot of letting it play while I do other things actually

40 figured it out!

damn I must've slept through that

I liked him but now he has to die - shoot

I guess I can root for him but it's not his story

Dexter even had a crazy killer gf season 2

they're trolling

Yes he did

and that's when black dude figured it out

and they locked him up and she killed him

if Love killed 40 that's crazy

but she kinda has to because she's so attached to him

but then she created that monster


for someone who barely watches I could write a damn good essay


oh I think this is it

this is the final epi

yeah I don't like this

teenagers wrote this

it's excruciating

I'd rather talk about it then watch it

Dexterish in that 7 serial killers in the country

2 of them meet and fall in love in LA

all these cage scenes are painful

I just want it to end


"'Love' makes you do some crazy shit."

f0ck this shoooowwww

Joe crazy as hell and I read every day about how people like him - think he's hot - sees his side


wish I had people that I could have done a real time show with. I have a great concept.

why are they so rich? because of that one smelly grocery store?

oh and powerful

they dragged out the 40 scene too long - it was real obvi where it was going

I might collect everything I've written to . . . you and collect it in a "piece" on "You"

in the end, the hero found . . . "Love"

Love and 40s parents are rich because...I'm not sure they gave a reason why they're so loaded.

but and powerful

these would be just regular LA people

like they couldn't influence cops and sh!t

Old money inherited from generations?

well they're white

and kinda act like it

So there you go


but they made LA seem like some small town in the south, like Savannah

that's not how this works at all


Asking too many questions. You're supposed to just watch, enjoy and take everything at face value.

oh you're supposed to enjoy

Yes while bring frustrated and it's idiocy


All the sighs and eye rolls and yelling...that equals joy 🙂


making jokes to you

like Benadryl was fun


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