Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cancel Culture and Familial Periphery

Episode 448 may be the beginning of the end. Honestly, the audience isn't big enough anymore to justify the time and effort. People respond privately and say they listen and love it, and that it's good. But this may be the only podcast fan-base in the world that's too terrified to share an episode or hit a like button or tell a friend. Maybe I'll produce other people's podcasts again. If you're a person that people actually like and respect and support and you want a podcast, get at me.

Anyways, today's show was recorded awhile ago and covers??? ummm oh cancel culture based on Joe Rogan with Whitney Cummings and Bill Simmons with Sarah Silverman. And then I talk about how odd life has gotten for me as a peripheral member of my immediate family. Enjoy. Follow me everywhere @idonteventhinkyoureadthismuchlessclickthelink.


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