Saturday, October 28, 2017

Stranger Things 2.1 n Black Arrow

In Episode 390, Germar reviews (spoiler-free) the first four episodes of the Netflix show that all the cool kids are watching. Before that, he gives his take on the Green Arrow being like his president--Black ("Next of Kin" 7:00). But first, there's some personal talk about separating the personality from the person. Follow Germar everywhere, PLEASE, @GermarDerron. Today's show is sponsored by


  1. Yeah, the first season of Stranger Things was great. I wondered how they would follow up with a second season. I thought they'd treat this series like American Horror Story, same cast but different story and characters.

  2. I am doing this from start to finish with my boys. Thank you SO much for laying it out so nicely. identification card


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