Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Indie Music: Carolyn Marie "Wanna Be Cool"

by  Germar Derron

Ambitious Indie Pop. That's what I'd label Carolyn Marie's brand of music. The video and music productions take cues from Michael and Britney over unheralded YouTube talent or garage band artistes. And like those mega-pop stars, she's a performer. Better yet, she's an experience.

Marie sings well on pro-pop tracks. But the experience is more about her being a beautiful, sexy dancer, artist, writer Renaissance woman. Her music seems to provide an outlet or opportunity to express all of those things. She's obviously a trained dancer and may have a flair for the dramatic. 

On "Wanna Be Cool," a Super Bowl halftime show worthy routine is wasted. It isn't wasted because the song isn't good. It's wasted because the song doesn't need it. "Wanna Be Cool," the song, could stand alone. And the video--with complex choreography and more dancers than I'll count--detracts. It was too ambitious.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the team behind the video, HIP Video Promo, has done better work for her--and arguably on at least one better song. The appropriately titled "Our Favorite Song," song and video, out shines 'Wanna Be Cool." They do a better job of harnessing and displaying all that is Carolyn Marie. There, the energy overwhelms in the best way. And though it's an older track, it's a more current sound. (arguably "Wanna Be Cool" is both retro and futuristic)

This was a tough review. "Wanna Be Cool" is not bad, but just another track in her growing list. Plus, she's already a star.


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