Thursday, March 31, 2016

Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice

Episode 264 ain't what it 'post to be, but it is what it is. Germar, then Germar and Rich discuss their disgust. Fanboys? Morality. Heroes. Studios. Snyder? Lex or ALex. Gal Gadot or Gadoe, but can she act doe? Is Superman still super, or even a man? Martha.


  1. I won't go into details on my opinion vs. yours, because they're just that. I liked the movie, you didn't. No big deal.

    However, at the beginning, you say "The majority of the people hate it..." But, you're wrong. A majority of CRITICS hate it. It has seen very positive fan reception, having a 71% on RT and a 7.4 on Metacritic. Strangely enough, about the same 75% of my friends liked it, and 25% did not.

    So, to fans, it's a good, fun movie at worst. To critics, it's a piece of rotten garbage. I'm sure DC doesn't give too many shits, as they wipe away their tears with $100 bills.

  2. Nope. It's like you didn't listen.

    1) "Fans" liked it. General audiences on a whole do not and there are only a billion articles about that. In my theater in LA everyone was pissed and everyone on my Facebook but one person is pissed.

    2) Opinions aren't equal. Your doctor has an opinion and so does your buddy who smokes pot all day, but when it comes to your health you listen to your doctor. Me? I've been in entertainment and media my whole life. I have a lot of education in the field. I watch 300 movies a year. I produce them. I'm paid for my opinion. Informed opinions.

    3. DC does care. That's why maybe they've pushed Justice League back and brought on another director--we'll see. Critics and audiences opinions directly effect future sales. It's a long game.

    4. This doesn't happen in a vacuum. They compare results to what they expected, to what Marvel's doing and to what similar films did. Avengers is at 92% - fans and audiences. That's an issue for DC.

    5. It's like you missed my entire point and proved it. I can do what others can't. I can admit that I like bad stuff and disliked good things. It doesn't make me a bad person or better person. I don't like Love Actually, Crash, or A Beautiful Mind--but they aren't bad movies. You liked this awful movie and that's OK.

    6. I believe that movies can be objectively good or bad based on the existence of things like beginning, middle, end, sound, story, plot, climax, performances, cinematography, etc. Each of those elements can be judged. There's a reason the best movie minds hate this awful film. But liking it is ok. I like Spiderman 3.


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