Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Game of Thrones: Hardhome

In Episode 215, an intern is fired for recording at 16K and not 44.1 . . . .  And also Germar and Jessica deliver the best Game of Thrones coverage of the week.  Plus, Jessica can't stop with the dirty talk.  Who has a bar of soap?


  1. I think the idea was that the white walkers double-timed it to Hardhome around the time the ships showed up exactly because they knew an alliance might be about to take place, and they would rather get an easy few thousand new wights while they were still gathered in one place. Also, if I remember correctly, the Wall is infused with old-timey magic that's supposed to help ward them off. Maybe they can swim around, but like they showed us I don't think whatever reanimation magic that lets things without muscles move on land can easily manage the same thing in something like seawater. I'm no magic zombie physicist, though.

  2. If this is supposed to be an intelligent discussion about Game of Thrones, why are these people so uninformed? You might read the books for some insight, or talk with someone familiar with the story lines! ie. Dragon Glass= obsidian,

    1. I hope you're joking.... Listen to the other podcasts. Jessica Kinney knows GoT better than anyone--had an off day. We don't read and won't read the books--we remain unsullied. And book facts don't necessarily equal TV facts. Thanks for listening.

  3. I'm not sure if it's specifically mentioned in the TV show but the "Age of Valyria" came thousands of years after The Others were previously pushed back, the wall built and the Night's King stuff happening. The Others have not previously encountered Valyrian steel.

  4. Game of thrones season is going to be more intersting then other seasons .

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