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American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Tupperware Party Massacre” recap & review

by Melissa Parkin

It doesn't take much to imagine what might be in store based on the episode name. A familiar figure pays Maggie a visit at her tent. The deeply deranged Dandy comes seeking help through means of her supposed gift of intuition. After killing his mother, Dandy Mott begins wondering if his “indiscretions” will catch up to him. These plaguing thoughts don’t stop him from continuing his murder spree. He decides to bludgeon an Avon cosmetics rep to death before decapitating her. Still unaware of his involvement in the clown kidnappings, Maggie assures Dandy that his future looks promising. Meanwhile, Jimmy continues in his alcohol-fueled downward spiral. He drunkenly flirts with Ima Wiggles, the morbidly obese woman Elsa just hired. Jimmy manages to snap out of his trance long enough to catch sight of Dandy leaving the fairgrounds. Completely inebriated, Jimmy ambles over and confronts Mott, informing him that he knows all about his involvement with Twisty. Dandy brushes off Jimmy like a bad tick, vowing that he will destroy Jimmy’s life for taking the twins away from him.
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Stanley and Elsa manage to track down Dot and Bette. They promise to bring them to the surgeon that can separate them from one another. No one else knows of their whereabouts, so everyone at the freak show continues in their search for them. In the midst of their investigation, Maggie and Desiree stumble upon Jimmy having drunken sex with Ima. An argument ignites, and an upset Maggie gives Jimmy a good slap across the face. Things only worsen for the lobster boy from there. The local ladies, who call upon Jimmy for his pleasuring skills, find him arriving at their Tupperware party completely hammered. The head of the household sends him away, only to receive an unexpected guest following Jimmy’s departure. A charming gentleman knocks on the lady’s front door, claiming car failure. She happily invites the handsome young man inside. Trouble arises when the stranger is revealed to be none other than Dandy Mott.

The husband of the Tupperware party hostess arrives home soon after, coming to find the aftermath of Dandy’s handiwork. To call the massacre “a pool of blood” is being quite literal. Dandy returns home scot-free, reveling in the thrill of his latest kill. After filling a tub full of his victims’ blood, he prepares to take a dip when Regina, his housekeeper’s daughter, barges in on him. She informs him that she has contacted the authorities, in regard to her mother’s disappearance. Dandy tells her flat-out that he in fact killed her. It’s only then that Regina notices the blood-spattered room. Dandy blithely confesses all his crimes to her. He believes that this blood lust is his true calling. Regina obviously doesn’t take the news well. Dandy corners her. Convinced that he’s a god, and therefore untouchable, he allows Regina to go free.

Dell continues to suffer with his inner demons, having been blackmailed into killing Ma Petite. Shamed by his transgressions, he finds himself pushed past his breaking point. He writes a suicide note and hangs himself in his trailer. Desiree stumbles upon the incident, cutting him down before the deed is able to claim his life. Regina comes back to Dandy’s mansion, this time with a detective by her side. He happily welcomes the pair into the manor. Dandy’s pride appears to get the better of him, as he confesses to the murders of both his, and Regina’s, mother. Just as Regina believes she’s found resolution, Dandy bribes the detective with a one-million dollar payout. The catch? He must shoot Regina, and work for Dandy. The officer is all too obliging. He kills the young woman on the spot.

As Dot and Bette await the arrival of the “doctor,” the two finally have a heart-to-heart. Bette tells Dot that she’s willing to sacrifice her own life, if that means making her sister happy. Realization settles in, and Dot realizes that she cannot part ways with Bette. They leave before Stanley has the chance to get them alone, and the pair head back to the freak show. Jimmy crashes into his own trailer and finds Dot and Bette waiting for him. Dot pours her heart out to him, professing that she’s loved him since they first met. Jimmy reluctantly turns her down, admitting that he’s fallen for someone else. Heartbroken, Dot leaves the camper, but her sister shows her truest support as they walk out holding hands. Sirens begin wailing in the distance not a moment later. Jimmy exits his trailer, seeing a group of squad cars roaring up into the fairgrounds. The detective that Dandy now has in his pocket arrests Jimmy for the murders of the women at the Tupperware party. Maggie pleads desperately with the police to release him, but Jimmy is handcuffed and taken away.

Once again, Finn Wittrock’s portrayal of Dandy steals the show. He commands every second of screen time that he is given. He even manages to outshine the likes of Evan Peters. In the world of AHS, the lines between protagonist and antagonist are most definitely blurred. Wittrock, however, solidifies Dandy’s status as a pure villain, which is utterly captivating to watch. With his charisma, mercurial temperament, and severely unhinged frame of mind, this man-child demands viewers’ attention. The heinous nature of his crimes is undoubtedly appalling, but his air of whimsy is bizarrely alluring. With Freak Show’s rising body count, dirty secrets, hidden motives, and colorful cast of characters, it continues to thrive in its plot. 

American Horror Story: Freak Show - “Tupperware Party Massacre” Rating : A - 


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