Thursday, May 8, 2014

MJ, Mad Dog, and My Love Life

Episode 119 is that new new bestest ever podcast on earth planet. Germar talks blah blah about dating, but then drops some serious knowledge about why people stay in bad relationships. Then, did you know that Sony killed Michael Jackson - according to the internets? Did you know that Michael was about to legally change his name to The Artist II? Finally, Germar discusses the His & Hers discussion of Chris "Mad Dog (the racist?)" Russo. Apparently, Mad Dog thinks that African-Americans can't be sports talk hosts because of all the interviewing, talking, questions, and knowledge. He said qualified nig - ht time drive applicants never apply. So, Germar is putting an app together - former play by play, former announcer for a pro team - bachelor's and master's in mass communication and audio - law degree - podcast and TV host. Who ain't qualified? Do us a favor and tweet @MadDogUnleashed.

Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images


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