Monday, February 24, 2014

The Home of Ratchetry shortie

Germar found Ratchetness. Does it exist? Why do some people experience ratchetness daily and some think ratchetry is like Bigfoot? As always, Germar has all the answers. But seriously though . . . I almost didn't post this. If this is controversial, I give up on doing things.


  1. Your podcast on the Rachet Culture was enlightening
    and somewhat funny but I can see where it could be
    interpreted as insulting to black women of that class.

    You seem to diss them for lack of education, class and
    an overall ghetto attitude. But in another perspective they
    are honest women just making the statement "this is who
    I am" and seem to be comfortable with how they live.

    I think it is just human nature to want to keep it real and
    more than likely these women don't really care all that much
    about the social class critics that want to ridicule their
    culture and manner of speech.

    I think one problem with the ratchet culture is it can
    be trotted out by white racists as an example of why whites
    should consider themselves superior. This is a bogus claim by
    whites since they have plenty of the "white redneck" culture
    to have to explain.

    But this is more about class than race, because there is more
    than one dimension than we can find ourselves divisive over.


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