Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Girls, Bill Nye vs. God, & His and Hers

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Episode 85 is the new BEST episode. First, Jemele Hill and Michael Smith can't stop talking about how much money they make, and how they hate sharing it (kidding). But this, "We're so worried about putting food on the table that we forget to 'break bread.'" Then, Girls got it right; episode four of Season 3 is correct. That Lena Dunham may have a future in this business. Finally, Bill Nye debated some Christian guy. They did fine for amateurs. Here, Germar breaks down the blow by blow and gives them better arguments for the rematch.


  1. A point I take issue with you on (and you did say you weren’t sure about what you were talking about at 46:30) is evolution. First of all, humans did not evolve from apes or chimpanzees; but rather, we share a common ancestor with them, roughly 7 million years ago. And since that time period chimpanzees have been evolving separately into what they are today, too (mind you for their own niche). So even they are not the same as they were back then.

    Secondly, ALL humans on earth descend from anatomically modern humans from Africa Less than 100,000 years ago. (The argument you were making is called ‘multi-regional’ evolution and has been refuted through genetics.) Continuing on with anatomically modern humans in Africa from which all humans descend; it is important that I mention ‘anatomically modern’ because many people think that when the first human migration moving outside of Africa took place, the people on this journey were not as human physically as we are today and instead were some sought of ‘ape-man’. This, however, is not accurate.

    Anyway, I want to hammer home that humans of today didn’t start off separately in different parts of the world (‘multi-regionalism’ as you were alluding to). Were that the case, mankind would not be able to interbreed so seemingly as we do. We spring from the same common source (Africa) less than 100 thousand years ago. I have provided two YouTube links. If you have 14 minutes check them out. The first one is Human Ancestry Made Easy. It is 9 minutes. And the second one is African Origin of Modern Humans—Tree of Humanity. It is 5 minutes. Check them out:



    1. Cool. That is an appropriate and constructive comment; adds to the discussion. I knew the internet could work!


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