Thursday, January 23, 2014

THUG Richard Sherman assaults Erin Andrews

Episode 79 covers Stanford thug Richard Sherman. It seems the country settled on the right side of this controversy. But this "thug" tag is misapplied regularly and disproportionately. But first Kickstarter struggles, and a shout out to the men who just won ten straight from the great Georgia State. #AllBlueAllln #BeyondtheSkin


  1. Most antagonistic, unprogressive show to date. Is this a majority or minority view? Is this media driven? I was sitting with my two black friends and we all just thought he was crazy. Are you trying to be provocative? Every thought in the show was negative.

    1. Wow that was strange. You're not an internet person? It's all everyone's talking about. I'll provide links. I didn't make this up. I comment on what's going on in the world. And it's not the first time I've talked about this. And I didn't think of this as "negative." And every thought? I do several minutes on kickstarter, 10 minutes on college basketball. There's only about 7 minutes devoted to Richard Sherman.

    2. Forgive me for speaking in absolutes. I don't like to do that. Specifically on the Sherman segment... I have not read the stories you're speaking of, but I'm SURE they are out there... but it would have been nice to hear your view on who's thoughts these are and how prevalent they may be. Trust me, I was not worried about Andrews. On a sensitive issue like this, I would like some of the discussion to be geared towards evaluating if this is a small, vocal minority, or is this the sentiment of the average viewer. I don't think so, and I hope not. One thing I can agree with you on, is that if Sherman was white, the THUG tag would have been thrown about much less. Definitely rethink the language... especially the use of absolutes.

    3. Oh, ok, sounds more like Stan. Immediately afterwards there was an eruption, but I almost never talk about what everyone else does. I want to bring my unique and personal perspective - a different take. And for me this was a reminder that more so than most others, black guys are seen as a threat. Initially, I thought "crazy," but then when I saw what happened before, what happened after, learned more about Sherman - I was like wow - why were people saying crazy and thug? And when I watched it initially I did notice that he was clear, not cursing, and looking into the camera. It made me think "he hasn't lost control." But I didn't say much that many people didn't say.

    4. Don't blame me... blame Trick Daddy!!!

  2. Don't Call Him a Thug Great article, which covers a lot of what I said Like most things I discuss, it's about readers' comments here.

    And the biggie: Richard Sherman addressing it all

    but there are about 100 articles on this. I don't think provocative, because everyone did this story, and I was two days late.


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