Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Macklemore's Not the Problem, We Might Be

Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images
In Episode 81, Germar goes completely in on Macklemore following the "greatest Grammy's EEEVVEERRRRR." But first, the Kickstarter life and American Hustle vs. The Wolf of Wall Street. It's ok to like awful movies. And it's ok to hate great movies. But when people genuinely believe that bad movies are good, what's that about - beyond subjectivity? Oh, and of course Beyonce. Oh and checkout the "two brown girls'" 1/27/14 episode for my thoughts on the Biebs. I'm not on the podcast. But they spoke for me, and better than me, so I didn't cover it.


  1. 1. Anyone who thinks Michael Jackson is anything less than a gift from the gods is completely dismissed in my book.

    2. Life IS a popularity contest.

    3. We are the problem. (not me, though. Everyone else)


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