Sunday, January 12, 2014


Episode 74 concerns a long-running hot e-topic - fat-shaming, size culture, biguns . . . . It's time that we "weigh in" again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Where and when did our obsession with fat people begin? Is it cultural or race-based? solely American? Germar remembers a time when men hated skinny snitches, or at least preferred curves and hips. And the average size here (in da dirty) seems to be closer to 22 than 0. Are skinny girls just a figment of Photoshop? Wait, is it just black guys that like big girls? Is that why big white girls often date black guys? Hmmmmmm . . . But first, perspective. An altercation that would go unnoticed in many circles has remained a thorn in the side of an observer - an observer who used that thorn to totally destroy a family.


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