Friday, December 20, 2013

Germar's Top 10 Worst Dates

Episode 63 may be the beginning of the end. Are the incessant cyber-wars worth it? And if so, worth what - a job, a soul, changing one mind or changing a million minds? Duck Dynasty; we had to address it, right? Miley Cyrus, Bob Costas, Hank Williams and why this has very little to do with the First Amendment and everything to do with your personal politics. And a very worthwhile listen: Germar's top 10 worst dates (@ 20:00). Dating the bosses daughter; taking a call from your ex- during the date, who keeps saying "ARE YOU ON A DATE???"; deleting your date's porn, on a first date; the Russian M.D.; a crack-dealing Latina; craigslist, MySpace, and okCupid; and women who look nothing like their profile picture . . . .


  1. Hey Germar

    Catching up with your latest shows after vacation. Hope you had a good holiday.

    Audio podcasts will always have a place because people like me can listen to them while at work. I can't sit and watch videos all day.

    I completely feel your pain on the cyberwars. That's largely why I have not gone through with most of my podcast ideas.

    I did take issue with one statement you made. I won't quote it, because I don't think you like that. From the eyes of a centrist, I can tell you that liberals and conservatives are both equally guilty of "changing the story" to suit their needs. Case in point, your example of a conservative changing the story about Hank Williams Jr. ESPN decided to stop using Hank's song after about 20 years, essentially terminating their partnership. While Hank was not an employee of ESPN, to say this was not a "firing" or that he stepped down is completely disengenuous. It seemed a bit like changing the story to attack conservatives. I know you say you speak only of what you know, which I can understand, but to me it seems you may function a bit too much within a bubble of liberalism, at least philosophically. Branch out... go to a gun and knife show!!!! :)

    1. I have definitely chosen a side. I used to be far more conservative. But as for Hank, I never even heard about it. I did one Google and I found his comment saying he decided to step down. That one article is all my information.

      But the differences between following a movement or controversy and reading stories after the fact are very . . . different.

  2. I know you think I'm a conservative. Actually I'm quite liberal... with everything but money! My simplistic political philosophy.... "You should be able to do whatever you want... as long as I don't have to pay for it." Like I said, simplistic, but it's my frame of reference.


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