Saturday, November 23, 2013

Your Memory SUCKS, Black Message Movies, Revolution, and Booster Gold

Episode 51. Isn't it strange when a person argues for a week in 2010 about something that happened in 2007, but then in 2011 they don't remember the 2007 event or the 2010 argument? Isn't it strange when your [loved one] yells at you about some household item or chore, but then one month argues the opposing side and doesn't even remember yelling at you? The thing about your terrible memory is that now with e-everything you don't really need it, so rely on those digital pics, email, and metadata - PLEASE. Thinkers vs. Feelers? Going to the black theater to see a black movie is very much like an after-school program in the hood. Revolution is still REVOLUTIONARY, though not a very good show. And Germar finally can identify with a superhero - get to know BOOSTER GOLD. Oh, new "Boxes" for the intro.


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