Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Time to Forgive White People

Episode 52 is specific. In the south, historical hurt affects all aspects of life. Self-imposed segregation keeps an entire culture boxed-in. People here miss out on 90% of the awesomeness that is life because of prejudice that is bred at birth. Minorities cannot afford to forego the friendship of the majority. The harbored resentment only hurts the harborer. This podcast covers past injustice, NOT today's injustice (hate on that please). But first, Germar is too little too late for his career as an awful 90s R&B one hit wonder superstar. Shouts to T. Riley, Guy, and William.


  1. Great show Germar. I'm big into social commentary and it was very good to get some added insight into the black culture and circumstances. You do a great job on this podcast. You sound good, and you carry the show by youself quite well without losing momentum. Thanks!

  2. Hey thanks Stan . . . Got your comments - taking them to heart. You're the first real person to comment here. It's usually just bots. Not sure who you are, but you sound like you have experience or could be a great host one day. Just sayin'


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