Monday, November 18, 2013

Hazing - From the Horses Mouth

It's Episode 50 FIFTY 50 FIFTY!!!! Germar has personal knowledge of the secret world of secret societies. And on the heels of the Florida A & M University tragic hazing death, guess who was a member of that very organization? Yep, Dr. Dialz, Rockstar!, G-Whiz, Gemizzle, GAM, Germie, Mr. Golden Arches himself. How could anyone be a willing participant? Why can't we stop it? What actually happens? Just click play. But first, Little Boxes: Nerd and Southern Black. Btw, homophobia is lame; it's played out, and LTC will no longer pretend like it's not awful, and childish.


  1. Hey Germar. Just started listening to the podcasts. I'm through about 10 of them. Can't remember which one this was, but you asked the question about what people like you to talk about. For me, because you can discuss many topics in such a well rounded, enlightening way, I prefer it when you speak about socially relevant topics... e.g. race, politics, family, pop culture, personal issues. To specifically use your example, I wouldn't care to listen to you do a full episode on your favorite superhero. It's all good though, good luck!


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