Monday, October 14, 2013

Operation Streamline v. Statue of Liberty

Episode 40 is the remix baaaaby(of the theme song). Little Boxes. Captain Phillips controversy (not a spoiler). Germar speaks to us from the future - twice. The revolution needs writers too right? Operation Streamline and thoughts (with facts and anecdotes) on immigration and the "unauthorized." Apologies for the voice - not talkin' 'bout the popular television show.

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  1. Quite a painful episode for a fiscal conservative who thinks border integrity is critical for a multitude of reasons. I cought myself thinking rebuttals every other sentence. I do understand, there are unfortunately many ambiguities, conundrums even attrocities that arrise over this issue. Just wish more counterpoints could have been given consideration..... Still a great show. Appreciate your veiws.

  2. Heyyyyyyyy Stan!!!! I need a permanent co-host for that very reason. But what I try to present is the "counterpoint." And I could be wrong about this - but for most topics I try to say what's not being said. I was in Arizona, and all I ever heard was "illegals are awful and criminal and need to go" followed by cheers and legislation. So I try to present stories and stats that I never heard from those crowds. That's what I hope to do here anyway.

    Glad to know someone's listening.

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  4. Hey Germar, don't think I'm hardcore like that. Trust me, the last thing that should be done it to break up families by sending everyone back. I'm all for letting the 30 million that are already here stay, but the only way that works is if you find a way not to let another 30 million in. I'm from Detroit and we have a significant amout of illegals, but I'm sure there's no comparison to the southwest. It was sad hearing about "Operation Streamline", but I can understand the frustration of the conservative southeast, that feels, not only is nothing is being done about the illegals already here, but also, nothing being done about more coming in.

    I'm trying to start my own podcast, but I've got a bit to learn. I have to figure out what format, and exactly how serious of topics, and also wrestle with the anonamity (or lack of) of doing it. Maybe once I'm all set up I could stop by as a guest. That would be fun. That's how I found your site (through was browsing through podcasts looking for ideas and learning what sounds good. Yours is intelligent and sounds great. I don't have nearly the credentials you have, but I'm farely welll traveled and aware. It's sad that you have so many listeners and not more comments. I try to be careful with what I comment becuase nothing is worse than having a full-blown catfight under every post. Anyway, good stuff, I'll be listening... even if "painful" at times! :)

  5. ...also, at what point can we stop playing games with semantics to weasel our way around our judicial system? Semantics are nothing more than sneaking lies to the public. This is a big pet peave of mine.

    When and why did (other than to be politically disingenuous)...

    Illegal alien become "undocumented worker?"
    Torture become "enhanced interogation?"
    Terrorist become "enemy combatant?"
    Illegal search and seizure become "enhanced border control?"

    These semantic games are nothing more than I way for to lie to each other. Can we stop being ashamed of the truth?


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