Monday, June 10, 2013

Why do we HATE men? Ok, WE know why, but do you? And other ways to make the world better for everyone . . .

Podcast #6 is a little rushed because we had a double-date downtown, but it's still decent. Here, Germar complains that we aren't sensitive to the sensitivities of sensitive men. Jillian explains that men are dogs and deserve death. Ok, she doesn't exactly say that, but because she's teaching right now, I can write whatever I want. But first we revisit the Kerry Rhodes sitch. WE'RE ON I-TUNES!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! RATE US FIVE STARS!!! LEAVE A VERY POSITIVE AND FLATTERING REVIEW!!! The unfortunate truth presented in the video below is closely tied to the problems discussed in this podcast.
Jillian talks about this Onion article in the pod (must copy and paste):,31061/


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