Monday, May 20, 2013


  1. From my experience, both with girls I've dated, and close black friends, there are two major reasons for black men dating white women. One racist and the other cultural. Many of my black friends, women included, refuse to date other black people. Some admit to an obsessive need to lighten the skin of their offspring. For white women, (nearly all the women I've dated have confessed to this) the taboo of the black male is still a major draw, and I would assume that black men know this, and could choose to prey upon this. This is racist. A cultural reason, (and this is my thought based on conversations with my black friends) is that black families, even well-off ones, still have major ties to poverty, conflict and crime within their families and communities, (obvious aftermath from slavery and segregation) whereas many white families have more generations of success, security and traditional family units. This perceived stability would seem to be a draw for black people.

    Very good point about black people having to limit their options to 10% of the population to date within their own race.


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