Monday, December 28, 2015

Tinder in the City of Angels

In Episode 254, Germar gets tender on Tinder . . . meh, not good. But this is the all Tinder edition. Why so many Asian women on Tinder (not that it's a bad thing)? And why don't they like Germar? Are black women too conservative for Tinder? And are all white women models OR are models just using Tinder to promote their Instagrams? Fat people on Tinder. And do top Tinder guys just post their abs, pecs, butt, IGs, and a bio that only reads "no hookups?" Plus, Germar gives a mad shout out to like every woman he knows--yes even you reading now--by name (first and last). He didn't get to everyone, but if you're on his Facebook, Twitter, or IG he probably would include you too.



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